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Love is all there is. Love is all encompassing. All of these things and more are love. Love doesn’t bind you to whomever, but it does bind you to another person. It is a choice, not a compulsion, to be constrained by the behavior or actions of another person toward you. If a couple wants to have a chance at having enduring love together, they must both voluntarily choose to be in a relationship since neither force nor coercion can make love happen. They will only have fleeting connections if they do not choose love, and these relationships will inevitably end since their hearts were never fully linked at the core of their beingness.


Love is forgiveness. Love is unconditional. Love is all these things and more: love doesn’t bind another to you; rather, it is the way you treat others that binds them to you over time because they choose to emulate your example of love because they know you are a reliable source of support and guidance when things are difficult or when life may seem unfair at times, or even just because they know that loving someone means providing them with unwavering care no matter what happens around them or how difficult life becomes for the other person.


Love is seeing past surface appearances. It’s looking beyond what’s right in front of you and seeing the beauty within. It’s recognizing that we all have flaws and imperfections, and loving someone despite (or maybe even because of) them. It’s seeing the good in someone, even when they can’t see it in themselves. Love is grace. It’s giving someone the benefit of the doubt, even when they don’t deserve it. It’s forgiving someone, even when they don’t ask for forgiveness. It’s being patient with someone, even when they’re being frustrating. It’s loving someone, even when they don’t love themselves. Love is seeing the best in someone, even when they can’t see it in themselves. It’s believing in someone, even when they don’t believe in themselves. It’s fighting for someone, even when they’ve given up on themselves. It’s never giving up on someone, even when they’ve given up on themselves.


Love is harmony and balance. Love is speaking truth laced with compassion. Love is frequently viewed as an emotion, as something we experience. Love, however, is much more than that. Love is balance and harmony. It’s stating the truth while also being kind. It entails being accessible to others in times of need. It involves being open and honest about your innermost ideas and feelings. We let someone into our hearts when we love them. We confide in them our darkest secrets and most exposed selves. While we grant them the ability to harm us, we also understand that they would never do it on purpose. Love requires selflessness. It involves placing the needs of others above your own. Compromise and sacrifice are key. Giving someone your time, focus, energy, and affection is important.


Love is all these things and more. Love is not binding another to you. Love is fearless, trusting, supportive, communicating with loving kindness. Love is commitment to the path before you, stepping lightly in the warmth and comfort of love. It is a beautiful thing to feel this way about another person—to have that deep-seated sense of connection and belonging; to feel safe knowing that if anything were to happen to your partner or child—or even yourself—that person would be there for all of it. But there’s so much more than just feeling safe in love. Love can also be an incredible force for change in our lives and the lives around us. 

Forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made in the past. If you have done wrong, ask for forgiveness and try again. Don’t give up hope on yourself or others. Be kind to everyone you meet today. Be kind to yourself first and foremost, as that is where all the love goes when we are kind to ourselves. Love is gifting you with kindness and mercy. Without love, there is nothing. Love simply is. Know you are loved beyond measure this day and all the days before you. Today is a day of gifts. Blessings are in abundance, and you have been given the greatest gift of all: love. You are loved beyond measure on this day and all the days before you. Go in peace, knowing that God has sent His love to you.

Amanda Cooper

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