Angel Message Of The Day : Manifest Joy, Manifest Happiness

Archangel Jophiel 


Breathe deeply the scent of Mother Earth, exhale slowly releasing all that no longer serves your highest and best good. Being one with nature helps in grounding you, making you feel stable and serene. Bask in serenity while appreciating all that surrounds you. What can you see, and what can you feel? There is certain peace when you let yourself go, and you will feel most relaxed and at ease. When you are in peace and harmony with yourself, you are able to make sound decisions that will ultimately lead you to a better path. Let yourself be in nature, and you will be more in tune with yourself and your surroundings. Nature’s beauty is beyond compare, and you will feel your worries and fears be washed away by breathing in nature and feeling more grounded. When you release all that no longer serves you, you are no longer giving them space in your heart and soul. Instead, you are releasing them and letting them go so you can make way for love and light to have a space in your heart


Breathe deeply, and exhale slowly. Imagine yourself in a meadow or a garden surrounded by the beauty of Mother Earth. Breathe deeply, there are many scents of nature and exhale slowly. When you seek peace and serenity, it will be given to you. Remember to breathe in slowly and think of conjuring light and love within your heart and soul. Fill the space with goodness and love where you will no longer feel afraid of anything else. Remember to breathe out slowly and think of releasing all the negativity and all of the things that no longer serve you. Let yourself be at peace in the beautiful scenery. You are more than blessed to be able to bask in nature. All of the blessings given to you should be appreciated, and you must show gratitude wherever you go. You are living proof of love and light. 

Stopping to look at you, what do you see? When you finally take a deep breath and take a look at yourself, what do you see at this very moment? You are full of love and light, and you must bask in serenity and harmony with yourself. Your inner spirit is filled with hope and love, enrich your soul with greatness. Allow your inner spirit to dance and sing with joy. When you allow yourself to bask in joy, you are letting yourself free of worries and fears. When you are in a state of joy, you are no longer burdened by whatever it is that is worrying you. You are able to breathe in better and more clearly, and you are feeling ecstatic and ready to accept what comes next for you. See yourself in a positive light where you no longer look back on the past with sorrow and fear. Instead, you look at the past in order to take in all the lessons that you experienced. You look at the past where you no longer feel restless, and you feel more at peace and harmony with yourself.


Allow your Inner-Self to release any fears or sorrow from days long since the past. When you look back to the past, it is certainly normal to feel longing or sorrow for your experiences. There are times when you will be filled with dread or fear, and it is hard to let them go. It will take time, and you must let your feelings flow as it is. Afterward, you are given the chance to release all of the fears or sorrows that you are feeling. You must remember that they are only hindering your growth, and it is important that you no longer hold onto these feelings that no longer serve you. You look at the joyful things that happened, and you focus on what brings joy into your life

Do you desire joy and happiness? You must remember that joy and happiness start with you. You are the captain of your own soul, and it is important that you put your focus on what brings you joy and happiness. When you put your focus on creating your own happiness, you will no longer seek them from other people. Instead, you will feel most fulfilled and loved. You are loved beyond measure, and joy and happiness are what you deserve in your life. Make space for love and light within your heart and soul. 


Be joyful, express joy with each breath. Joy brings peace, harmony, and happiness. Joy is the elixir of life. Joy brings joyfulness. When you choose to be joyful and see the brighter side of life, you are given the opportunity to love life better. You are given the opportunity to love yourself better. It does not mean that you will only see the positivity of life all the time. It only means most of the time, you are given the chance to see the best perspective, and it is a choice that you will make. Choose to appreciate and love yourself better. When this happens, you will feel at peace and in harmony with yourself. You will no longer feel disconnected and misaligned with the world around you. Instead, you will feel it’s brimming connection, with joy and peace as your bridge. 

Being in a state of joy opens the way before you, healing all that has come before. Breathe in and breathe out once again. For all that you have been through, you are given the time to heal through being in a state of joy. Choose to manifest joy in all ways, in order to heal from past wounds and experiences. Let the love and light in, and release all of the negative feelings you should no longer focus on. It is important to manifest joy in all ways possible to help yourself. Be at peace and harmony, bask in the happiness while you are feeling at ease. How shall you manifest joy on this day?

Amanda Cooper

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