Angel Message Of The Day : Offer Non-Resistance

Angel of Serenity 


There are many pebbles along the path you travel each day. It is normal that you will encounter hurdles in your journey that may cause some hindrances while you continue to walk your path. These pebbles are distractions or discourages that may let you double-think the path you are heading to. Hence, you should be aware of these little hindrances that may not seem big at first but may hold a huge effect on you later on. Do not dwell on them, and do not give them the time.


Some would seek to distract, to shatter faith and trust. When you are subjected to encounters that will leave you with a distraction or will ultimately destroy your trust in the process you are in, you have to learn how to step back. You must remember your focus and prioritize the things that you should give your time on. Do not dwell on the things that are no longer serving you, and you must keep forward in your ultimate path.

Some would seek to discourage you, entangling you in a web of deceit or confrontation. There is much which softens each footstep along the way, cushioning that which is before you. It is with utmost importance that you confidently stride when you are passing the paths that you are meant to take. You have to channel your courage, and you must focus on the light and love you have. You should remember not to stray away from your journey so you can get to your goal at the earliest. Try to put your focus and effort on the path that you are taking, and trust the grand process that you are part of.  


In all things, there is a choice of peace and serenity or resistance and disharmony. There are many manifestations of all that is before you. The pebbles are symbolic of Earthly Realm challenges. We ask you to ponder for a moment offering non-resistance to that which is before you. You are always given a choice if you want to let yourself be distracted and discouraged by the challenges of life that are being thrown your way. There is always a choice to not dwell on it and, instead, focus on what truly matters, such as yourself, the others around you, and your ultimate goal.


Is it not possible to allow the flow of something without offering resistance to it? Offering non-resistance is much like floating along a river. The current will be loving to escort you to your destination. There is always the choice of traveling in the opposite direction, causing great struggle or resistance. You are given the chance to instead go with the flow so that you will be led to your ultimate path instead. Do not force things, and you must let the flow of life lead you to where you are meant to be. 


If you do not like the direction in which you are traveling or flowing, offer a different vibration; change your thoughts, emotions, or actions. Changing the way you see things; changes the things you see. You must remember that you cannot control all of the things around you. However, you have the ultimate power over how you shall react to them. Instead of resisting the things that you cannot control, you should truly embrace what is currently in front of you and focus on how you can shape it to your liking.  


Offering non-resistance to that which has already come before opens the way before you to that which you truly desire. That which is not for your highest and best good simply falls from you. In all things, seek the path of least resistance. Let things flow as it is. Seeing through the eyes of love does not mean you must accept the negativity of others. Instead, we suggest you acknowledge and move through in peace and harmony, for that which is resisted is attracted to your vibration. Focus only on the things that you should prioritize and give time to. At the same time, nourish the things that lead you to greatness.  


Offering non-resistance is a most loving gift to you. Allow the flow of Divine Source Energy to guide you this day.

Amanda Cooper

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