Angel Message Of The Day : Out Of The Shadows

Archangel Ariel 


To be lion-hearted is to express, radiate, projecting love in all things, in all ways. This means spreading light and love wherever you go, whatever you do. You must be as courageous as the lion, walking on the path you wish to take. Head held high, and listen to the guiding light within yourself. When you radiate and walk through each journey with love and light in your heart, you could never go wrong. You will spread positivity for others, as well. 


Yes, we understand many would distract you from your path. The world is always full of distractions, and sometimes we may get lost in our way. Even then, know that you will find your way back, too. Remember to prioritize what matters to you, and learn to focus on your goals and aspirations. Distractions are sometimes made to test if we are willing to go all the way to get what we desire the most. 


There are many who delight in your struggles. Some people are too full of greed and negativity, and you will not be able to change what they may think of you. However, know that these people do not matter, and they are not worth your time. You have to surround yourself with good people with the best intentions. These are the people that see you in a positive light and will challenge you to be a better person. 


Do not return to ways that are now behind you. We all make mistakes and it is part of our life, so that we will grow to be a better person than we used to be. You have to move past and learn to forgive yourself, so that you can move forward. All the ways you have grown are a big part of who you are today, and those things behind you should only stand as a reminder now. 


Do not seek the destruction of another. You have to find peace within yourself, including letting go of the negative thoughts you hold. You should no longer focus on the destruction of another person. Rather, try to focus on yourself and how you can move forward. You have to focus on the light within yourself, so that you will focus on the light and love you are seeking for. 


Seek instead to step out of the shadows of darkness, out of the valley of despair. After grieving, there will come a time that you will have to step out of the darkness and bring yourself into the light once again. There is no use dwelling on these negative thoughts and feelings. Seek the happiness and serenity you deserve, so that you will find peace.


Remain in the light beloved one, for there are many who seek a better way. There is always a choice to let love and light flow in your every action and words. Always choose love. Know that you should not be afraid any longer for you are meant for greater things. Surround yourself with love and light, that’s what you should put your heart into instead.


Look at the light placing one foot in front of the other along the path before you. You are being guided by the light which you will find within yourself. You are never alone in this path, you will be with the light in each and every journey you would take. Go forth and focus on the good within your heart and soul so that they will be nourished. In turn, you will grow to be the best version of yourself. We are constantly changing, that is why, we should always focus on the goodness within ourselves. When this happens, you will radiate light and love and spread it to others, too.


Smiling in the face of adversity for love is the way, light is your path. Focus on the good things that are in your way. Be guided by love and light, so that you will radiate good things for yourself and for others. The world is in your hands, and whatever you desire you should receive. Spread and seek love wherever you go. Journey the path before you in peace this day.

Amanda Cooper

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