Angel Message Of The Day : Path Less Traveled

Angel of Serenity 


Challenges, conflicts arise before you in many ways presenting illusions of discontent, mis-trust, dis-ease, dis-harmony


The path less traveled is one of serenity, releasing that which attempts to distract you from your true path. 


Stay the course beloved child for there is much for you to do, much light to share amongst all who would see it. 


Be not afraid for there is nothing, no one, no experience to fear.


That which at first appears to be an obstacle, a challenge, a loss may indeed be a blessing gifted to you. 


Allow all that is gifted in love and light to seek you. 


Allow all that is placed before you that is not of love and light to simply flow past you for there is no truth in darkness and shadow. 


The path less traveled is the way of serenity, peace and joy, harmony and contentment, abundance and prosperity, knowing all is well this moment and every moment. Breathe beloved child for all shall be revealed.


Amanda Cooper

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