Angel Message Of The Day : Patience, Belief, Tolerance



In all things, be patient. When you are patient, you are trusting that all will come true and will be well in due time. When you are patient, you are giving yourself time to trust the process and let things flow on their own accord. That means you are no longer hastening what is not for you yet. Rather, you will be waiting with peace in your heart as you look into what will come for you at the soonest.


In all things, believe. When you believe in something, that means you are putting your faith in it. You have to know that believing will ease your mind. You have to believe that all will be well and put your trust in the right thing.

In all things, choose acceptance. When you are choosing acceptance, you are letting your worries go and letting things come to you as they are. Choose acceptance so that you will no longer live in worry. Please accept that all things have their own purpose, and whatever is meant for you will come, too. Accept that you can only do so much and cannot control life. However, you will be able to control your outlook on it.


In all things, there are blessings, those which are evident and those which are not yet revealed. You have to be grateful for all the blessings that you have received and that you are yet to receive. Trust that you will be blessed as you are living a life full of light and love. Continue on your journey, and never forget to show gratitude in all ways that you can.


In all things, exercise trust; exercise belief knowing all is unfolding before you. One by one, what is meant for you will slowly unveil. Please let yourself relax and let your trust manifest into the greatness that will come for you soon. You have to give it time and trust the process that you are going through right now. It may not seem that it is working at this moment, but you will reap the fruit of your patience later on.

It may appear all is slow in manifesting or just beyond your reach. In times of doubt, fear of not having all you desire, breathe beloved one for all manifests in its time for the highest and best good of all. For now, it seems that it is taking its sweet time to come to you. However, you have to trust that all will come soon at the right time and pace. 


True, it often appears as though your prayers remain unanswered. Call upon me and my brethren to instill within a sense of peace, allowing all to unfold with grace and ease. Even if it seems like you are having a hard time and you are not getting what you desire at this moment, you have to keep patient and continue to manifest what you want so that you will get it too. All in due time.

Tolerance is accepting that which is in the moment it occurs, all the while keeping your sight, your vision upon that which you truly desire. You have to remember that you do not have ultimate control over what will happen in the future. However, you have to manifest and keep your eyes on your goals so that you will not lose sight of it even while patiently waiting. Keep yourself challenged and patient so that even in your lowest times, you will still remember what should matter to you.


Patience, belief, and tolerance are all gifts when seen through the eyes of love. Breathe, allowing all to flow through you and around you in loving kindness. All shall be revealed. Let go of the negative thoughts you are having and focus on the gifts you have at this very moment. Focus on the things that should matter so that you can prioritize rightfully so. Be patient so that the right time will come to you when you are at peace. Believe that all will be well and trust that all will come true in due time. Tolerate so that you will be able to accept what comes next. Go in peace on this day.

Amanda Cooper

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