Angel Message Of The Day : Patience



You are the light of the world. You shine in the darkness, and people can’t help but notice you. They want to know more about you, they want to talk to you, they want to be around you. But don’t forget that not everyone is going to be excited about your presence. Some people may even be afraid of you because of what they think you represent—a new way of thinking or a new way of doing things. Be patient with yourself for there are many around you who support and protect you. Be kinder than anyone could ever ask, and try not to take things so personally when someone doesn’t like who or what you are. They might just need some time before accepting change.


Be patient for much is being revealed to you. You are a unique individual. You are not the same as anyone else. You have your own story to tell, and your own way of doing things, and you should never feel bad about that. The world is full of people who think they know what’s best for you and those who want to change you into someone else. The truth is, there are many around you who support and protect you. You will be given opportunities to grow into a better version of yourself—not because it’s what other people want, but because it’s what you want. Remember this: it is up to you to determine your own path in life, experience what life has to offer, and learn from those experiences along the way. 


Be patient as you heal what once was and shall no longer be. It’s time for you to look after yourself. Many people would kill to be in your position, and you are capable of doing far more than anyone else could ever hope to. But it’s simple to lose sight of the fact that other people care about you and want what’s best for you as well. Sometimes you might feel helpless and like you have to do everything, but always keep in mind that there are people who are there to support and defend you. And when times are tough, keep in mind that we all have unique strategies for overcoming obstacles and challenges. God made each of us differently so that we can all cope with difficulties.


Be patient for all that is occurring in Divine Time according to the Divine Plan for your life. Remember beloved one, you are free to choose, to flow along the path before you or stumble over many pebbles, roots, or perhaps even branches which may have fallen during the many storms of life.


The way forward is always open and available to you. You are not required to travel a certain route or take a certain path at any point in time. You may choose not to follow any particular path; however, it is important that you do not allow yourself to stumble over anything on your journey through life. Remember that no matter what happens along the way, you will eventually reach your destination if you stay focused on your purpose and keep moving forward with faith in God’s plan for your life.


In addition to following His divine plan for your life, remember also that every choice made while journeying through this world has spiritual implications as well as physical consequences upon entering into another realm of existence after death. Therefore it is important that each decision made while living on earth reflects positively upon those who are left behind at the end of this earthly journey because they too will be judged based on how well they acted upon.


What happens in Heaven affects what happens on Earth. We are all connected through our Creator’s love and compassion. If we do not take care of our health today while we have this opportunity at this time to live our lives differently than the way we were born into this world with all its trials and tribulations that we must overcome in order to become whole again as humans. Being patient for patience is a virtue. Nurture your dreams with loving kindness. Be patient as you heal what will never be. Be patient. Be willing to tend your inner garden with grace, love, tenderness. 

Amanda Cooper

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