Angel Message Of The Day : Patient Manifestation



Patience is vital in manifesting all you desire. 


Patience is stepping softly, slowly seeing beauty all around you. 


Seeing, hearing, feeling, speaking with love creates a peaceful, harmonious energy in and around you. 


Your inner light shines more brightly, attracting to you all that you desire.


What do you seek? 


What do you desire? 


In discovering what you do not want, you discover that which you desire. 


Focus your thoughts, emotions, energy on your desires, planting the seeds of your desires with love; tending your inner garden with humility, compassion, and patience. 


Be willing to commit your entire being to all you desire. 


Be open to receiving all your requests. 


Be willing to practice patience during the time of transition between the planting of the seeds and the harvest of your desires. 


Be willing to celebrate all the steps along the path before you as your heart’s desires are made manifest. 


Patience beloved one, for all is occurring in Divine Time. 


Patience, for all shall be revealed to you. 



Amanda Cooper

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