Angel Message Of The Day : Peacefulness



Begin at the beginning. Begin within. Begin without. The place you find yourself now is the beginning. When you seek answers and peace, try to root yourself back in the beginning. There are times when you might feel lost, and you are no longer assured of the path that you are taking. Even though it is usual to feel this way, it is important to relieve the start of your journey once again to find peace and reflect on your situation. Start from the beginning, and then afterward, try to find yourself and know more about yourself. You must always aim to know to learn more about yourself so that you can feel more at ease with navigating through life


Breathe deeply, beloved child, for you are peaceful by nature. Bask in your peace, and continue to breathe in and breathe out. Calm your mind, and relax your body so that you can conjure peace. Muster the courage to seek peace whenever you can. In every pause that you will make, you can breathe deeply. When life is overwhelming, it is the best time to take a step back and reflect on your position. Even if it is full of surprises and trials, rest assured that these hurdles you are facing will falter and you can conquer them all. Carry on with your journey with peace in your heart and mind

Breathe deeply, beloved child, for you are an expression of perfection. You are whole and complete as you are in this moment and the next and the next. You are loved beyond measure, and you are more than blessed in all ways. Trust that you are doing well on your own, and you will experience more in life as it is to come. Even if you have doubts about yourself and your current situation, you must strengthen your belief that you are perfect and loved beyond measure as you are. You are continuously seeking ways to grow, and you must aim to be the better version of yourself.


Peacefulness is expressed in the release of all things, emotions, thoughts, anger, or fear of not being where you want to be. When you finally release all of the frustrations that have dwelled in you, you will finally be at peace. Choose to release all of the negative emotions and thoughts that should no longer linger in you. When you are at peace, you will be in harmony with yourself and those around you. At the same time, you will get to fill your heart and soul with love and light instead. When you release the negativity, there would be enough space to fill yourself with goodness and positivity. Choose to see life in a positive light as much as possible. Peace will come next, as it should be.

Allow your physical body to sigh deeply, and feel your shoulders release the burdens they carry. In the times that you are feeling the pressure of the world around you, it is the best time to rest and take a deep breath. Release all of the weight that you have been carrying all along. Once they are released, you will feel lighter, and you will no longer have to be burdened by these thoughts and emotions. You will be more at ease knowing that all is well for you. This will also be manifested in the physical form, and you will feel more at ease with life may it be your emotional, physical, or mental health. Choose to soar above these emotions, and release all of the unnecessary thoughts and feelings that only hold you back to your true potential.


Breathe deeply, beloved child; you are loved beyond measure. Breathe deeply, beloved child; you are perfection. You are more than blessed in all ways, and you must remember to bask in gratitude and appreciation. Life has always been full of ins and outs, and it is important to not be swayed by the distractions it brings. Breathe in, and remember to let things flow on their own. Do not be reeled in by the distractions, and instead focus on the love and light. Choose to not be swayed by these emotions, and instead, you must fill your heart with greatness. When you breathe in, you are inviting the love and light within you. As you breathe out, focus on releasing the negative emotions that you might harbor.


Breathe deeply, beloved child; you are peacefulness expressed in its purest form. You are at peace and choose to surround yourself with things that bring you joy, peace, and serenity. Wallow in the tranquility that it brings, and focus on the harmony within yourself and around you. Surround yourself with love and light, and you will prosper. Choose to focus on the greatness of life, and release all of the negativity that you are holding on to. Be as free as a feather floating on the gentle breeze. When you are free, you are no longer constrained by the thoughts and emotions that do not help your situation. Choose to release these feelings, and let the light in. Choose to rise above the situation and be at peace where you will no longer have to worry too much. Remember to reflect and begin at the very start, you are a feather floating on the gentle breeze, and you are at peace. 

Allow your Spirit to soar freely in peacefulness. Breathe in and breathe out, you are at peace. Let yourself relax and be calm so that you will no longer overthink things. Trust the process that you are currently in, and let the negativity go. No longer focus on the doubts and fears of life, instead, you must focus on love and light. Breathe deeply and bask in the peacefulness.  You must learn to accept what comes next with open arms and embrace all changes that may come ahead when it comes to life. Be open to peacefulness this day and all the days before you.

Amanda Cooper

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