Angel Message Of The Day : Perceptions Real Or Perceived



There are many who would see you in shadow and darkness. 


There are many who would tempt you from your path of love, light, peace, joy, harmony and compassion, abundance and prosperity. 


It matters not whether your perceptions are real or perceived. 


It matters only that you perceive that which is before you with an open heart, eyes, an open Spirit. 


It matters only when you step into the light of forgiveness. 


It matters only when you step into the realm of harmony and joy. 


It matters only that you release all that no longer serves your highest and best good.


It matters only that you are willing to release all that would attempt to overshadow all that is before you. 


Be willing to see past Earthly realm perceptions. 


Be observant of all that surrounds you. 


Are you willing to discover the truth? 


Are you willing to accept the many blessings continuing to unfold before your eyes? 


All is brought before you to be polished in the light of Source. 


Allow you to be bathed in the brightness of love and mercy all your days.

Amanda Cooper

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