Angel Message Of The Day : Release Limitation



What binds you to thoughts of limitation, fearing the unknown? The propensity to be terrified when you don’t know anything about anything you’re facing. It may worsen into an intolerance for unpredictability. Fear of the unknown is particularly prevalent in some people, notably those with anxiety and mood disorders. The presumptions or ideas we have about ourselves and the way the world functions are examples of self-limiting beliefs. These presumptions are “self-limiting” because, in some manner, by adhering to them, we are preventing ourselves from realizing our objectives.


Take a moment; breathe deeply releasing all thoughts of lack, releasing any fears of not having all you desire. Sometimes you just need to step away from things or wants you do not currently own since the more you want something, the harder it is to actually obtain. You can acquire the peace of mind you’ve never noticed by just taking a deep breath and letting all of your thoughts go.


Beloved child of light, seek love within. It doesn’t imply that we act any way we choose, but even when we fall short, we can turn and get atonement for our transgressions. And it is the desire to act in a way that helps others, even if it goes against one’s own interests, for the happiness and well-being of the person or object that one loves.


Have you tended the garden of your desires, pulling any weeds, releasing stray thoughts of fearful doubt?  Doubting with unbelief is the same as their purposeful revolt. It is the insistence that we are superior and that we would benefit more if people followed our rules. In the end, it aims to reduce people to our power. 


Have you fertilized your garden of desires with loving thoughts, joy and harmony? It is a setting for the development of the inner Self; it is a representation of the soul, innocence, and of bliss. Because of its structure and confined nature as opposed to the unconscious forest, it is a sign of consciousness. However, it also stands for fertility and is typically associated with femininity.

Release limiting thoughts, old wounds which bind you to that which is behind you. Limiting beliefs can also trap you in a bad frame of mind, making it difficult for you to enjoy new opportunities and joys in life and seriously harming your mental health. Because of this, it’s crucial to identify unconscious prejudices as well as focus on your self-awareness and self-esteem.


Release the fear of not having all you desire in your life; peace, harmony, love, prosperity, clarity, kindness. We feel more physically strong and powerful and more emotionally perceptive the more frightened we are. An adrenaline rush is a charge to our bodily and mental state, and it seems that humans are hard-wired to be drawn to this kind of experience.

Release behaviors that bind you to what was causing frustration, discontent. A typical emotional reaction to the opposition is accompanied by rage, irritation, and disappointment. A person’s perceived opposition to the accomplishment of their desire or objective gives rise to frustration, which is likely to worsen when a will or aim is rejected or prevented.


There is much abundance if you would but open your eyes to see, open your ears to hear. Reach for the sky, reach for the stars, and reach for all you desire in your life, releasing limitations in all its many forms. As people, we can either follow in responding to the most pressing needs of our day with love and hope, or we might react to unpleasant truths in fear and withdrawal.


Being really ambitious and working hard to accomplish something, even when it could be quite challenging. Keep your feet firmly planted while aiming for the stars if you’re ready to advance.

Amanda Cooper

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