Angel Message Of The Day : Resonate, Radiate Harmony

Archangel Jehudiel 


Harmony is a state of mind, a state of physical energy, a state of heart, and a state of Spirit. Harmony is balanced in all things in all ways. When there is harmony within you, that means that you are in the best state of your being. It is always best to have balance and clarity in your mind and heart so that you can all do things that would nurture and encourage your growth. Try to believe that the peace within you will always prevail so that you will get to keep the serenity that you have been seeking. When your mind’s state is at peace, that means that you will be at ease with everything that you will be doing. In turn, you will be more relaxed and you will get to make decisions that are right for you. 


When your state of physical energy is in harmony, that means that you will get to conserve energy for things that you should not focus on, and you will get to exert more effort on things that deserve your attention. When your state of heart is in harmony, that means that you know that you are doing the best that you could in everything that you do. In turn, you will be able to love yourself better and love everything around you. When your state of Spirit is in harmony, that means that your soul is at peace with whatever comes into your life.


Harmony is walking the path before you in faith all is well regardless of appearances, and perceptions in physical form. When you are living in harmony and your mind is at peace, that means that no matter what happens, you believe that life will lead you to good things. You have to believe that in the end, everything will be turning out fine. It is faith that will lead you to lead the best life that you have, and you shall have it because you deserve the best. Know that the guiding Light is within you, and you will be able to follow it with a clear mind, energy, heart, and spirit. The light shall lead you to the right path, where you were meant to be headed in the first place.


Create a sense of harmony within, the inner space within your core essence where all things are spoken and unspoken become seamless creating a sense of bliss. You always have to hold on to the peace and quiet that you have made for yourself so that you will be able to do things that you are meant to do. When you have harmony within you, you will get to follow what you really want in life. Please know that resonating with oneself should be the most important part. Once you are able to completely be in harmony with yourself, you will be able to learn more about what really matters to you, and you will understand yourself better. This will lead you to good things, and you will only be manifesting good things in your life, as well. 


It is possible, for all things are made whole, complete, and perfect in the moment of conception. Resonate, radiate, projecting harmony. When you are in harmony with yourself, it will also radiate on your outside appearance and everything that surrounds you. That means, you will know better and you will become a better person that will only radiate light and love. You will bring good to the world, and in turn, the world will bring good things to you. Please know that you have to give importance to your inner peace so that you will only attract good things in the future. You will be able to manifest all that you are seeking. Be the best version of yourself, and then grow. The harmony with your heart, mind, and spirit is more than enough to bring out the best in you and your true potential in this world. You have so much love and light to give to everyone else, and you have the power to improve yourself. Learn how to continuously be harmonious with yourself and your surroundings on this very day.

Amanda Cooper

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