Angel Message Of The Day : Sacred Flame



Beloved one, seek first the light of the Divine Source within. 


Cleanse, purify your thoughts, emotions, your entire physical body. 


Allow the Flame of Source to release you from all worries, concerns, stresses, hurts and sorrows. 


The Sacred Flame within grows stronger with each breath, each healing, each release. Open to all that is holy within. 

Open yourself to all that is of love and light. 


Open to giving love and light to you and to others. 


Open to receive all that is already yours in the Realm of Spirit.  


Allow that which is already made manifest in the Realm of Spirit to be made manifest in the physical realm. 

All is laid at your feet. 


How shall you choose to walk upon the path laid before you? 


Shed the skin of what was; clothe yourself with radiant light and love. 


Gift you with loving thoughts, loving actions. 


Create for you a new skin, radiating light from your inner core essence of pure unconditional love.


Amanda Cooper

NourishingYourSpirit, brought to you by Altrusitic Pte. Ltd., is a spiritual platform for all users to be educated and enriched with vital spiritual content that will aid them in their life's journey. Daily Astrological Forecast along with spiritual content in astrology, tarot, psychic, manifestation, etc. will be open for everyone to read. With our dedicated Amanda Cooper, spiritual enthusiast, who will bring about constant updates so that everyone can benefit through their walk in life.

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