Angel Message Of The Day : Sea Of Serenity



Beloved child of light sinks not into the depths of that which lay before you. Float upon the sea in complete serenity. When there is serenity, you will be at peace, and you shall never feel troubled once again. Float upon the sea so that when you are at peace, you will be able to think with a clear mind and soul. When there is a clear mind, your decisions will be sound, and you will feel that these are right for you all along. 


You will be able to choose what is right for you, which only ultimately depends on you. When there is a clear soul, you will no longer have to think about the negativity that you may carry. As a human, it is certainly normal that you may feel like you are not at your best. When this happens, you have to let go of the negative things that should no longer hold you back anymore. 


Release all that would bind you. If you are bound by a feeling, more or less, you will feel trapped over it. When you are in the sea of serenity, you will no longer have to be bound by this feeling that has entrapped you for so long. Do not let yourself dwell on this emotion that you are in. Rather, you have to let it go so that you will be at peace. When you have been bound by the confinements of the past or the negativity in your heart, fret not, as you will have the opportunity to finally release it. They will no longer have a hold on you, and it is the most freeing thing to feel. 


Allow all to be carried away by the sea away from you. Allow the water and the sea to cleanse and calm you. You do not deserve to dwell on these emotions any longer. Hence, the sea will carry away all of the negativity and things that should no longer matter away from you. With this, you will be able to cleanse your heart and, at the same time, give the calmness that you are seeking. Let the water flow, and let the situation flow as it is. The sea shall carry away your worries and fears, and you will no longer feel the doubts that may creep inside your heart. 


Be open to all which awaits. Be open to all you desire. Be open to healing beyond your imagination. When you are open to the thought of what is waiting for you at the end, that means you will no longer feel the outcome. There is much to look forward to in your life, and you will encounter them soon enough. Let all of the things happen as it is, and what is next for you will come if it is meant for you. Whatever you desire, you will have the ultimate power to have it, and you will receive so much more. There is more that awaits you. Your next steps ahead will all be part of the grand process that you are going through at this very moment. 


Be open to surrendering the fear of not receiving your heart’s desires. Even if you do not get what you want, you have to always be ready for this fact. Remember that we do not get all that we sometimes want; maybe it is not the right time. It is possible that there are better things ahead for you instead. Even though you will not achieve your goals, for now, you should welcome them with open arms. Know that there are things that you cannot control at the earliest. Whatever you cannot control, you should learn to let go and accept that it will no longer change. There may be a better path that is made for you, and you will just have to believe. 


Float in the sea of serenity, knowing all is provided. You will never have to wonder if things will turn out great or not. In the sea of serenity, you will feel at peace and harmony with yourself, and you will not need to worry about what is to come. Let yourself float in the sea of serenity, and seek the ultimate peace.

Amanda Cooper

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