Angel Message Of The Day : Seek Courage Within



Angel of Being, 


Seek and you shall find. Seek and you shall be found. The world is a place of beauty, but what we do with our eyes is also paramount. Are you what you see? In part, you are what you see in all that has manifested around you: the people, the cities, the landscapes. Yet you are not defined by that which has manifested around you—you can choose to be a part of it or not. What we choose to focus on determines how we feel about ourselves and how we treat those around us. 


In part, you are what you see in all that has manifested around you. The world of form is coming into being; it is not as it was before. It is different now because of the way things have been made in recent times, but this will not last forever—the world will change again and again as it becomes more like the world we want it to be. Yet you are not defined by that which has manifested around you. You are defined by the power within your own soul, by the light of your heart and mind, by your willingness to seek out the truth within yourself. 

You are the essence of what you want to be. You are the essence of what has materialized because you attract all that you feel, think, and act upon. Together, we must create a new world without violence, famine, or suffering among people or animals for whatever reason. This new world must be free of fear and agony. We can accomplish it if we choose to—all we have to do is recall who we actually are at our core and act on our hearts to make our dreams a reality once more. Take a brave and determined step forward today—your future relies on it.


You resonate from the heart, the core essence of your entire being. Your actions speak for you, creating action all around you. Your actions are part of who you are. They have meaning and purpose, and they tell a story about you that is important to share with the world. When you take action on behalf of your larger purpose, it connects to people in meaningful ways. You help them live happier lives because you are living happier lives yourself.


Detach from what could have been, should have been. Attached to what is yet to be for in the bliss of living in the moment, all is made manifest in love, harmony, joy, prosperity, health, happiness. When you detach from the past and future, you detach from all negativity and regret. You detach from your regrets of not doing this or that. You detach from your regrets of not being here or there with someone or something. You detach from your regrets of not trying something new. You detach from all negative thoughts and emotions that do not serve you now. When we detach from our past attachments and attachments to others’ attachments, we feel insecure because of them, we have more freedom to move forward confidently into the unknown with our eyes wide open.

It’s critical to take deep breaths and stroll in the sunshine of forgiveness. It’s now time to move on because the past is over and done with. You’ve been through so much, and if you’re like most people, you’ve carried a lot of heavy baggage from your past experiences with you. It’s time to change your perspective on yourself because it’s no longer who you are. You are significantly more capable than you previously believed.


Find the confidence to take new actions, think new ideas, and feel new emotions. Find the strength to forgive yourself for all that is now in the past. Enter the light of understanding that everything is well, all wounds have been healed, and all wrongs have been forgiven. Different things to see, feel, say, and do. The thing in front of you will reflect who you really are. Detach from all that came before to get you to where you are, and accept where you have been.


Everything that awaits you in the Spirit Realm will be made evident if you open your heart, mind, and soul to it. Seek inner confidence; be willing to view things differently today.

Amanda Cooper

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