Angel Message Of The Day: Self-Empowerment

Guardian Angel of Power 


Breathe deeply, exhale slowly then breathe deeply, exhale slowly. With each exhale, you let go of what no longer serves you, creating space for new possibilities and fresh energy to enter. The slow exhalation also helps to activate the relaxation response, further enhancing our sense of calm and well-being. By repeating this pattern of deep inhalation and slow exhalation, you create a rhythm that brings you into the present moment. You become more attuned to your bodies, thoughts, and emotions, and you cultivate a sense of mindfulness and awareness. This mindful breathing practice can help to quiet the mind, reduce anxiety and stress, and bring a sense of clarity and focus. 

Calm your mind, still your thoughts.  To calm the mind, you can start by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you can retreat from external stimuli. It may be a serene corner of our home, a peaceful natural setting, or even a dedicated meditation space. In this space, you can begin to disconnect from the external world and turn your attention inward.

Once in this space, you can engage in practices that help still your thoughts. Meditation, deep breathing exercises, or mindfulness techniques can be incredibly beneficial in quieting the mind. By focusing your attention on the present moment, you can gently observe your thoughts without judgment and allow them to naturally settle and dissipate.


Feel this moment come to life.  Take a moment to notice the sensations in your body. Feel the weight of your body on the ground, the gentle rise and fall of your breath, and the subtle movements within you. Tune in to the sounds around you, whether it’s the rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, or the hum of distant traffic. Observe the colors, shapes, and textures of your surroundings, allowing your eyes to truly see and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. As you engage with the present moment, allow yourself to fully experience the emotions that arise. Whether it’s joy, gratitude, sadness, or any other emotion, honor and acknowledge it without judgment. Embrace the full spectrum of human experience, knowing that each emotion carries its wisdom and lessons.

There is only this moment there is no other.  When you recognize that there is only this moment, you are invited to let go of regrets, resentments, and attachments to the past. You acknowledge that what has already happened cannot be changed, and you release yourself from the burden of carrying the weight of what was. Instead, you can choose to learn from the past, to find gratitude for the lessons it has taught you, and to bring that wisdom into the present moment.

Similarly, when you understand that there is no other moment but now, you free yourself from anxieties, worries, and expectations about the future. You recognize that the future is uncertain and that it is beyond your control. Instead of dwelling in fear or anticipation, you can choose to trust in the unfolding of life and focus your energy on what you can do in this very moment.

Seek the light and love within; there is no power greater than the light of the Divine Source.  There is no power greater than the light which shines from within you at this moment.  Become a beacon for yourself. As you connect with this inner light, you begin to realize that there is no power greater than the light that shines from within you in this very moment. It is a unique and sacred light that is uniquely yours, a reflection of our true nature and potential. It is a light that holds the power to heal, inspire, and transform not only yourself but also the world around us.

Illuminate all before you; accept all that has come before for it delivered you to where you find yourself along your path. In accepting all that has come before, we embrace the entirety of your life’s journey. You acknowledge that every triumph, setback, joy, and sorrow has contributed to our growth and evolution. We release any resistance or judgment towards your past, recognizing that it has played a vital role in bringing you to where you are today. By accepting your past, you free yourself from the burden of regret, guilt, or resentment. You understand that every experience, no matter how challenging or painful, has provided you with valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. You honor the resilience and strength that have emerged from navigating life’s ups and downs.

Look forward; focus on where you choose to be.  Focusing on where you choose to be also empowers you to take inspired action. You break free from the inertia of the present moment and step into the driver’s seat of your life. You make conscious choices and decisions that align with your vision, and you take steps, both big and small, toward your desired destination. While looking forward and focusing on the future, it is important to remain present and grounded in the here and now. The present moment is where you have the power to take action and make a difference. By staying mindful and fully engaged in the present, you ensure that our actions are aligned with your vision and that you are making progress towards your goals.

Seek first illumination within. Light the way for you, no other can light the way for you.  You recognize that no other can light the way for you. While external sources of guidance and support can be valuable, they can only provide you with tools and perspectives. The true light that illuminates our path comes from our inner knowing and connection to the divine. By embracing our inner light, we become the beacon that lights the way for ourselves. You take responsibility for your growth, decisions, and actions. You trust in your own intuition and inner guidance, knowing that you can navigate your journey with wisdom and clarity.

Look to the light beloved child for all is indeed in Divine Order. To look to the light is to seek a higher perspective, to rise above the challenges and complexities of life, and to connect with the eternal and unchanging truth. It is an invitation to shift our awareness from the limitations of the physical world and align ourselves with the infinite wisdom and love that flows through all of creation. By looking to the light, you acknowledge that all is indeed in Divine Order. You recognize that a divine plan and purpose is unfolding in every moment, even if it may not be immediately apparent to You. Trust that there is a higher intelligence at work, orchestrating the events and experiences of your life for your highest good and growth. 

If what you see, hear, or feel, does not please you, choose differently.  When you choose differently, you acknowledge that you have the power to change our reality. You recognize that you are not passive recipients of your experiences, but active participants in creating the life you want to live. You let go of the belief that you are victims of circumstance and instead embrace your role as conscious creators. Choosing differently requires self-awareness and a deep understanding of your values, desires, and boundaries. It involves tuning in to your intuition and inner guidance to discern what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. It may involve setting boundaries, making different decisions, or taking new actions that align with your authentic selves.

In choosing you to empower you. The act of choosing also allows you to take ownership of your experiences and responses. It reminds you that you have the power to respond to any situation in a way that serves your highest good. You can choose to approach challenges with resilience, embrace opportunities with enthusiasm, and navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and strength. In the process of choosing, you may encounter fear, doubt, or uncertainty. However, it is through these moments of hesitation that you have the opportunity to grow and expand. By consciously facing your fears and making choices that align with your authentic self, you step into a space of personal growth and transformation.

How shall you choose to celebrate empowering you? Share your journey of self-empowerment with others who may benefit from your experiences. Speak your truth, whether it’s through writing, speaking, or engaging in meaningful conversations. By sharing your story, you not only celebrate your growth but also inspire and empower others. Use the celebration of your empowerment as an opportunity to set new goals and intentions for your future. Dream big and envision the next steps of your journey. Celebrate the progress you have made while also embracing the excitement and possibilities that lie ahead.

Amanda Cooper

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