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Be merciful, be kind, be loving; be patient. Always remember to spread and radiate the good in all ways. That means being merciful, kind, loving, and patient towards your neighbor. When you are spreading the love within yourself and to others, you are spreading the light and love with the world. This is the right way to go. Remember that you have to manifest the light within yourself, so that you can spread this goodness in the world. You have to radiate the good, so that you will not only affect yourself but others, too.


Trust, have faith, believe. You have to trust that all will be well in time. Remember that you have to trust the process that you will achieve what you wish to in life. Have faith that all will be aligned to your liking. In some way, it will happen too as long as you focus on the light and love within yourself. Believe that no matter what you will go through, the ultimate answer to your questions will come. Believe that you will achieve whatever your goals are in the future, the guiding light will lead you the way to greatness.


Be all these and more with yourself. When you spread love to others, you have to remember that you deserve the same love you give and so much more. You have to love yourself more. You have to always be kind to yourself, just as much as you are kind to everyone else. You have to be merciful, you have to forgive yourself for past mistakes, and be merciful to yourself. You have to be patient with yourself because you are still a growing person. There are some things you are still learning, and you deserve the same patience you give to others.


Be all these things and more with all creatures great and small. This means that no matter who they are, what they are, they deserve to be treated the best by you. You have to treat each and everyone with the same good treatment you give. There should be no exception with how you treat everyone else, everyone deserves to be treated right. Remember to only radiate the light and love you are supposed to give and release to yourself and to everyone else in this world. 


Release all who have harmed you. You have to let go of the hatred and hurt you have felt beforehand, as it will do you no good. You have to forgive yourself and to forgive others so that you can move forward with your life. This does not mean that you will forget what happened, this only means that you will let go of the hurt that manifests into negativity in your life. It matters not whether the hurt is real or perceived. Regardless, you have to release all of these feelings so that you will feel anew. When you let go, you will finally feel the serenity and peace you are looking for.


Release all who have harmed you with loving kindness. Even if life has thrown you these bad things in life, you have to remember to be kind, still. Do not let the light dim just because you were hurt, instead, replace the hurt with kindness. Remember to spread only the light that is within you, you deserve the peace and love you are seeking, and no one else will give it to you and to others but yourself. Release yourself for all perceived wrongs having caused you harm.    


Always remember to spread the love and light within your soul, to yourself and to everyone else. Do not let the hurt manifest in ways that will no longer be beneficial to you. In life that you have, you have so much love to give to the world and let this be your focus. Remember to focus on the light that will guide your path to goodness. In all ways, in all things, simply Be this day.

Amanda Cooper

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