Angel Message Of The Day : Smile, All Awaits You

Archangel Raziel, 


Rejoice on this day! Daybreak is a time to celebrate the arrival of new possibilities. It is time to decide what you want to do with your life. It is time to decide who you will be and which paths you will take. You have many options today. You can choose to start over or stick with the course you have been on since birth and benefit from your hard work. You have the option of living in fear and uncertainty, or of choosing light and love for yourself, those around you, and all of creation.


Can you sense it? The vigor of a new day? Something new and exciting? Of the possibility? It is time to inhale happiness and joy while exhaling sadness and disappointment. It is indeed time to inhale light and love and exhale shadow and dissatisfaction. It is time to inhale limitless possibilities while exhaling lack and limitation. It is the time to shine your light in the world so that everyone can see themselves in it. And what about when you are going through a tough time? When your heart is heavy, what do you do? When your mind appears to be spinning out of control? I want you to know that those emotions are perfectly normal. They are normal, and they are not just indicators of something wrong; they are indicators of something right.


All is before you at this moment. This is the moment. This is your moment. You are at a crossroads, and there is nothing that can stop you from what you want in life. You have been here before—you have lived through this awakening before, but now it’s different because you know what’s possible for yourself. The world has been given to us for our use; we are meant for more than what we see around us now. 


Nothing is beyond your capacity to experience. Your limitations or perceived shortcomings are not who you are. You are a divine being who is closely related to everything in the universe and a child of the cosmos. The extent of your existence is beyond the capacity of the mind. You can be anything you want to be. Your consciousness has an infinite amount of potential, but it has been constrained by your past conditioning and beliefs. Your only obstacle to realizing your full potential is yourself. Nothing is out of your reach, and even if it were, it wouldn’t matter because you already possess it. Nothing today is preventing you from exercising your freedom to do whatever you want.


You can use this as a chance to think back on your past and consider how it has influenced who you are today. It is indeed possible that something that occurred to you back when you were pretty young made you bitter or feel like the world was unfair to you, and that’s why now is the ideal opportunity to make a change. Perhaps there was someone who made you feel as though you were the only one who understood what was important to them. Perhaps now is the right time for those people to understand how significant they are in your life. What path is best for you will become clear if you keep your heart and mind open.


The time has come to sing a different song, tell a different story. All is laid at your feet. Step into the light beloved one. This is a new beginning—a time of joy and celebration, when we can smile at those who would have us remain in shadow and darkness. Let them be poor in spirit, for they are not worthy of our presence. Let them be poor in spirit, for they would have us accompany them in sadness and darkness. Smile at the naysayers for they are poor in Spirit.  Smile at the naysayers for they would have you accompany them in shadow and darkness. 


Step into the light, claim all that is truly yours in the Realm of Spirit. Step into the Light of the Creator, warm your entire being. In the Realm of Spirit, you are more than your body and mind; you are a spiritual being who has been called to a higher plane of existence. As you claim what is yours in the realm of Spirit, you will feel more alive than ever before.

Amanda Cooper

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