Angel Message Of The Day : Soar Above Cares And Worries



There is much which faces you. Each moment, day and night unfold with great mystery before you. How shall you choose to express your Inner-Self, that which is of love and light? How shall you choose to walk upon the path before you? You are faced with trials and tribulations day by day, and it is normal to feel exhausted and spent at times. However, it is up to you if you will choose to soar between all of your hardships, or if you will get the worries and fears built in you. Put your focus on love and light, where you are able to thrive and soar to greater heights with compassion and kindness along the way


Imagine you are on the back of a great bird, a bird with great strength and gentleness. Allow your Spirit to release all earthly worries and concerns as you soar on the back of a great Eagle. Breathe deeply, for there is only the joy of simply being upon the back of this great bird. There is no space for worries and fears any longer. Fill it with love and light, and at the same time, you will feel empowered and strengthened by the courage of the great bird. You are stronger than you imagine, and you have always been courageous in more ways than one. You must recognize your strengths, including your compassion and softness for the world around you.


There is nothing to fear, dear one, for there is much to celebrate, much to be thankful for. Embrace the freedom to be who you truly are. Embrace the light, embrace the magnificence of this great bird as it enfolds thee in its majestic wings with tenderness and strength. When there is freedom, you are no longer constricted by your worries and fears. You will have the opportunity to travel the roads that are rarely taken. The world is at your shoulders, and the possibilities that you have acquired are endless. At the same root, you must not forget to show appreciation and gratitude for all blessings you have received. When you focus on gratitude, you are able to appreciate your situation and all that surrounds you more. Embracing the freedom of expressing your truth and being true to yourself is important. Seek to understand yourself better.

Love is all there is. Truth is all there is. Allow yourself the freedom to experience all that is before you. Focus on the love of the world around you, at the same time, you must choose to spread love wherever you go. Speak your inner truth, as it is your reality, and it is valid. Let yourself be free from all constraints of the world, and put your focus on love and light. Be free from the worries and fears you might be thinking of, and embrace what comes next for you. When you take the leap of faith, you are taking your chances to get what is meant for you. Acceptance will lead you to greater paths, and you will also feel at peace knowing that you are ready to embrace the future. 


Choose to listen to your inner guidance. Reality is that which you create from within. Begin within you this moment, know your truth, live your truth, speak your truth. You must always be true to yourself, and it is important to listen to your inner light. At the same time, it is important to express yourself and your truth, such as with words, actions, or even through art. You are being guided throughout your journey, but you must not forget to seek the truth in all ways possible. Do not be afraid to travel, as you are never alone in your destination. You are loved beyond measure, and you are guided and protected. Listening to your inner guidance will lead you to the path that you seek. 


The truth shall set you free to be your authentic Self, created in love, radiating light for all to see. Open your heart and mind, so that you are able to recognize your inner core. Do not be afraid to be yourself, and show your true core, where you are able to fill your heart with love and light. As you are created in love, it has always been a part of you. Spreading light and love wherever you are has always been part of who you are. Be your authentic Self, and bask in the truth of who you are. Continue to nourish your soul with greatness and goodness. 

Walk in the light, beloved child. Fear cannot hold you in the darkness of lack. Fear cannot hold thee from your good. Fear cannot withhold that which you desire most. Walk in the light beloved child, for the light shall cast out darkness and shadow before you, behind you, above you, and below you. In the moments of darkness, you have always had the light inside of you. It is always radiating, waiting to be noticed. When you finally choose to walk in the light, you will no longer be constrained by any negativity that will come your way. Do not let fear get in the way of your situation. Let the light radiate within you, so that you can only focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. 


Walk in the light; allow your inner light to shine with grace and ease. We are many who guide you, love you, and protect you. Be not afraid, for the light of Angels shall go before you.  Be not afraid, for the love of Angels shall embrace you all your days. You are never alone in the journeys ahead of you. Even if you are in the darkest of situations, there are many who seek to guide, love, and protect you from all harm. Do not let the fear get to you, and be at ease, knowing that you are loved and protected. Allow your Inner-Spirit the freedom to simply Be.

Amanda Cooper

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