Angel Message Of The Day : Soar Among The Heavens



Take flight, beloved one; there is much to see, much to do. When you feel you are in a slump where you have no way to go, know this is not the case. Even if it is the most tedious thing to do, know that every day you are still growing and learning new things. There is more to life than meets the eye, and you have so much love to give to the world. There is more to the world than you can imagine, and you are more than your progress. 


Take flight, beloved one, allowing your Spirit to soar among the Heavens. You have to know that you are free and there is more to life than your current troubles. You will be free from all worries and fears, too. Know that life is bigger than what you are facing. You are bigger than these issues that creep into your mind. Give it all up, breathe, take flight, and trust that all will be well in time.  


On the wings of freedom, seek that which you desire most. When nothing stops you, you can focus on your goal. Seek out what you truly want to achieve. Have you wondered what you truly want to have? What do you truly want to become? What are your dreams and aspirations? You have to ask yourself these questions and then acknowledge them. 


On the wings of freedom, allow all that no longer serves you to fall away from you. When you have the freedom, you will ultimately be able to put your attention away from hindrances and focus on what matters to you. Breathe and relax, and let the things that do not benefit you fall, as it no longer serves any purpose to you. Know that you have the power to choose what matters to you and what does not. You are in control and the captain of your own soul. 


On the wings of freedom, there is no limitation, no doubt, no fear; there is no lack. The power of freedom is beyond more than you can imagine. When you are free, you are able to do anything you want to. When you are free from doubts and fears, you will be able to conquer anything. Take the step and trust that all will align just as you hope it will. 


Soar among the Heavens this day, be free in Spirit. Lift up your heart and be free of all of the things that bothers you. You have always been free, and you should always remember that your mind and soul has always been yours right from the start. You have the ultimate freedom to nurture your soul and learn more about yourself. When you know better, you will get to focus on what matters such as things that you should hold deeply and take great care of.  


Be free in thought. When your worries and fears are no longer hindering you on achieving your goals, you will be free. You will have the ultimate clarity you are seeking, and you will be able to listen to your heart’s deepest desire. You will be able to figure out what is most important to you, and how you will be able to achieve these goals.   


Be free from that which seeks to bind you to all that no longer is. When you are free from the past, you will be able to move forward and focus on the present and future that is ahead of you. You will no longer be bound to the previous things that you should have forgiven and move forward already. When you are free from the woes of the past, you will be able to take the next step ahead to have the best future you want.


Take flight, flow in peaceful harmony on this day. Seek for freedom and peace of mind. Your heart and soul will finally be free of the confinements of all the things that hinder you. In turn, you will be the best version of yourself. You will continue to grow and learn more about your goals. Reach for the stars, and you will ultimately reach whatever goals you desire.

Amanda Cooper

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