Angel Message Of The Day : Spirit Within

Guardian Angel of the Inner Child 


In the beginning all was made in the likeness of the Creator. 


In the beginning all creatures great and small knew of the Creator’s love, mighty, pure white light of unconditional love. 


In days long since past, many seek the light, nurturing, acceptance, unconditional love. That which you do not accept within, cannot be obtained from sources outside of you. Every breath, every step along the path before you is a gift of renewed hope, healing, acceptance, innocence. 

Call upon me to protect, nurture all new beginnings … new career choices, new relationships with yourself and that of another. 


Release all sorrow, emotional and physical pain. 


Cherish the Spark of Divinity within. 


Cherish all that is of love and light. Cherish all thy heartfelt desires. 


Cherish your inner child, cradle hopes, dreams, aspirations with unconditional acceptance, unconditional love. 


Surround your inner child with the purity of the Creator’s light and love. 


Allow you to remain open to all that is before you. 


Be aware of that which tempts you to distract you. 

Be aware of people, circumstances which would harm you. 


Remain open beloved one for in your openness all is seen, all is revealed, all is given, all is received in love and light. 

Shed only tears of healing and happiness. 


Step from the shadows into the light, honoring your Inner-Spirit. 


Cherish these steps as if they are your first, for in reality, these are your first steps into blissful harmony and joy, peace and tranquility, love and light.

Amanda Cooper

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