Angel Message Of The Day : Spiritual Alchemy

Archangel Metatron 


Alchemy is the changing of lead into gold. Imagine for a moment transforming your energy from lead into gold. This means that the negativity in our lives will be filled with hatred and irrationality that makes our behaviors weigh us down. Just like alchemy applying to your soul, transforming your energy from lead into gold. We all have a lead in our life that is heavy and dull. We must perform the ritual of change by changing the lead from our hearts into Gold. To have this transformation, you must perform a ritual of change through a  process of purification and refinement. We must identify and face our wrong pattern behavior to change them by letting it go, becoming a bother to our soul. As gold represents a change wherein our lead in our lives turns into value. This means that our negativity changed as it became positive to others and it became valuable to our life.


Beloved child, lead represents all that has brought you to this moment, all that has come before, and all that no longer serves your highest and best good. This love and light from the divine one are powerful forces that can provide comfort and support even in the most challenging of times. To let go of the past is a great and rough challenge for many people in the earthly realm. As you may feel attached to your past experiences and make your negativity a comfort in your soul, even if they were painful. However, staying in the past can prevent you from fully experiencing the present moment and being unable to move forward in your life. To begin the process of letting go is to practice being careful and mindful of your surroundings. By becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions in the present moment, you can start by seeing how your past experiences can affect your current behaviors and beliefs. From there, you can question whether these beliefs are right and wrong as if they can be applied for the greater good.

Gold is the light that pours in through your Crown chakra, illuminating all within you, radiating outward as a beacon in the darkness.  Lead is negativity made manifest in your thoughts, emotions, in your actions.  Gold represents your healthy spirituality from negativity to positivity. Wherein you will experience self-actualization that is beyond material things in life. When negative thoughts and emotions can create a destructive cycle of your mind and soul, as this will lead to further negative experiences and emotions. This cycle can be challenging to break out of, as negative emotions can create physical and psychological barriers to positive change. However, by being awakened from your negative thought patterns and emotions, you can finally start to break this cycle and shift your focus towards more positive experiences. This may involve seeking out positive influences by submitting yourself with love and life. You must acknowledge your past experiences, start practicing gratitude or engage in mindfulness practices that help you to become more present and a better person at the moment. By focusing on the spiritual wealth within yourself and manifesting positive thought patterns and emotions. To Remain mindful and aware of your thoughts, emotions, and actions, you can take steps towards creating a more positive and fulfilling life for yourself and those around us. You can create a sense of abundance and prosperity that radiates outwards to those around you. 

Be willing to release that which no longer serves you. Letting go is not an easy thing to do. However, when you do it, your heart will feel light. When you release the negativity in you, well worth the effort. This is not an overnight thing to do as it requires a lot of time to reflect and patience to see the changes in you. As it is indeed difficult to know quickly which are the negative emotions you feel to let go, cut off attachments, or confront uncomfortable truths about yourself. But, that is okay. Changes can be scary however they will be good for your soul.


Be willing to release the need to burden yourself with leaden thoughts, emotions, and actions. You may ask yourself these questions such as: “What makes me feel a burden when letting go of something?”. It can be helpful to take some time for self-reflection and you may seek help from others that you trust the most. As they are the witness to your negative pattern of behavior that you did not notice right away. Also, they will offer your guidance from the passive support from the Divine One.


Be willing to release and surrender to loving thoughts, emotions, and actions.  It requires a lot of courage, self-reflection, and a willingness to embrace change. You must open yourself to the love and light that will make your mind and heart open to the world of possibility and potential. Once you let go of the lead of your life, this will forward your soul into personal growth, fulfillment, and happiness. Once you have the three, you create space for new opportunities, experiences, and relationships to enter your life.

In the release, you allow transformation. You open yourself to Spiritual Alchemy transforming your Inner-Self in ways yet to be made known to your Human self. To let go, open yourself to a new transformation and growth as we refine our soul once you open your mind and soul. When you release the negativity leading in your life, you open yourself with new insights and perspectives in life that the divine one originally creates. 


Step into the light and step into your true self. Turn the lead of all that has come before into gold opening the way before you. As you continue to release and let go, you begin to see and experience inner peace and clarity in your heart. you are no longer held back by the burden you felt on your back and you are free to embrace the present moment with open arms. It is a journey that requires a lot of courage to step up, patience to see your changes, and a willingness to let go of what is no longer with your heart. This freedom makes your life in alignment with your true purpose and values and manifests your deepest desires.

Amanda Cooper

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