Angel Message Of The Day : State Of Grace



Step into the light beloved child; tilt your loving face towards the heavens. Feel the warmth of the sun upon your face. Open your arms, open your heart, open yourself to all that is. When you open your arms as if you embrace all there is, you will be given clarity and peace. You must learn to open your heart so that all that is coming to you will be granted. You must accept all blessings with an open heart and mind. At the same time, no matter what struggles you may go through, remember that there is light waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Bask in grace knowing that all is well, you will be the most blessed so long as you choose to focus on love and light. Bask in the warmth of the sun where there is light and love.


Breathe deeply allowing your mind to become still. In the silence, one hears many things. In the moments when you can no longer be distracted by the hustle and bustle of life, you are given the chance to reflect and touch deep within. In these moments, you must make use of peace and harmony to listen to your innermost desires and feelings. If you listen deep within, you will be surprised by what you will know. Let yourself be in the state of grace, you must choose to experience grace in all ways that you can. Take a step back and truly hear deep within. Listen, listen, listen. All you seek is already within you. 

Grace is knowing all is well, all is peaceful. A state of grace is manifested in many ways, a smile shared by two, contentment, or an unexpected gift. There is grace when there is peace and harmony within, and a smile shared by two shows the serenity and the promise of everything is alright and as it is. There is grace when you are content with what you have. Appreciation for all the blessings that you receive, and gratitude toward these blessings will lead you to contentment. There is grace with unexpected gifts where you are blessed with more than what you have been seeking. Embracing all blessings you will receive and accepting the present with an open heart will lead you to grace.


Look at yourself today. Ananchel, the Angel of Grace is you. Do you choose to see with an open heart? Do you choose to experience grace on this day? It is an ultimate choice every day if you will focus on seeing with an open heart. When there is an open heart, there is acceptance, love, and light. There is an embrace of what comes next in your journey, and an embrace of all blessings given to you. It is an ultimate choice every day if you will choose to experience grace. You have always been blessed, and you must open your heart to all blessings that are meant for you. When there is grace, there is warmth in knowing that all is well and right. Grace is that place or space within you and around you, allowing you to simply be.  

Just for a moment, close your eyes. See that which is within. The light within you is strong, bright, a beacon for all to see.  See you dear one, for you are a gift to all who would see the light. You are a gift to all that is seeking refuge, and you must radiate light to all that surrounds you. Open your heart and choose to feel the grace on this very day. Focus on the light in your heart and the love all over you. Radiate love and light, and you must choose to bask in the state of grace. There is peace and harmony, there is acceptance in all ways than one. You must choose to show and experience grace in all ways, and be the kindest and most compassionate. Show understanding and love while you are on your journey, and radiate love and light toward other people who may be struggling with their own journey. As you travel the path before you this day, allow kindness and mercy to be your companions.

Amanda Cooper

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