Angel Message Of The Day : State Of Grace And Harmony

Archangel Haniel 


Sit in the silence; allow the stillness to surround you. 


Sit in the silence; allow the stillness to enter the physical body, filling your entire being, softly extending outward into all your energy bodies.  


Be open to the stillness, open your mind, open your heart.  


Stillness is the silence in between thoughts, between emotions, between actions.  


Stillness is a state of grace, harmony, a state of peacefulness.  


Allow your physical body to release all its burdens, real or perceived.  

In releasing the body becomes lighter, the Spirit becomes brighter.  


In the release, you create space for loving thoughts, emotions, and actions.  


In the release, you create a state of grace and harmony.  


Open to all that is before you with grace.  


All is before you; reach out to me and my brethren, for we are messengers of Source


Step into the light; be in a state of harmony all day.  


Grace and harmony shall be your constant companion.

Amanda Cooper

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