Angel Message Of The Day : Surrender

Archangel Uriel 


Allow ideas, thoughts, choices to flow freely. 


Do not become obsessive about that which you desire. 


Do allow that which you desire to come into your life with ease and grace.


Follow your inner guidance, releasing the need to have all, do all, to know all in a single moment. 


Breathe in … exhaling slowly … breathe deeply. Calm yourself with each breath, exhaling slowly. 


Ask me and my brethren to assist you in surrendering all that would attempt to distract you from a state of peace, harmony, and joy. 


In the wake of releasing all that no longer serves you, open yourself to all that awaits you in the Realm of Spirit. 


In the eyes of Divine Source, all is made manifest in the asking, the seeking. 


Surrender any fears, thoughts of lack, limitation.

Know all is given to you, for there is no purpose in keeping you from your good. 


Open yourself to all which lay at your feet. 


Know all is in Divine Order


You cannot see the whole of the journey in an instant; the journey unfolds as a tapestry is created one stitch at a time.  


Each breath, each step is an opportunity to choose differently. 


How shall you choose this day?

Amanda Cooper

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