Angel Message Of The Day : The Unknown



The sweet smell of perfume delights the senses. We have been given our senses so that we will be able to enjoy the life that we have. With a sense of smell, we have been given the opportunity to appreciate sweet smelling ones. At the same time, this sense of smell was given so that our memories would be sharp. This makes us reminisce about the past we have encountered beforehand.


Birds singing, a soft breeze gently brushing against your skin, the melodies of a stream all delight the senses bringing a sense of peacefulness. This is the ultimate place where you can feel the serenity surrounding you. When you are in a peaceful place, that means that you will not have to worry any longer about anything else. Let this calm you, and you will feel the clarity in your mind. Let the thoughts go, so that you will be able to relax and only focus on the present.


In moments of peace there is harmony. When you are in harmony, that means that all that you are is one. This means that you are in full control of yourself and all is well. Know that in the moments of peace, you will obtain serenity. At the same time, you will also obtain clarity in your mind and soul. When you are in harmony, you will understand yourself better, you will know what is within you. 


In the moments of harmony the way is made clear before you. When you are in harmony, that means the path that you are going to follow will be much clearer. You know what to do now, and you know how to handle this better. Continue on your journey and not let it stop you. Carry on and go for what you want in the first place. The moment there is dis-cord, a sense of unease or un-balance, stop for a moment, remember to breathe. Know that you have to take a breather, so that you will know what to do and focus on what you really want. Let yourself go, let all of these thoughts go, so that you will be able to deeply breath and relax.


Do you fear the unknown? It is always scary to face the uncertainty of life. However, you have to let these fears go so you can continue on with your life. Focus on the now and do not let the unknown get in the way of you being happy in the future. Do not let it hinder your journey, continue to carry on and trust the process that is in front of you. Know that you have to let go of these fears one by one so that you will be able to really focus on the guiding light within you. When you are surrounded by fear, you will not only be crippled and will not be able to move. Rather, you will also feel the dread in your heart, and you will not be able to focus on your goals. You will be filled with negativity. This is why you have to really start to get to know what your fears are, so that you can acknowledge them and eventually, let go.


Breathe deeply; exhale slowly allowing all thoughts, all emotions that are not of faith, peace, not in harmony with your desires to simply float away from you into the light. Allow yourself to be open to all that awaits you, it is not necessary to know the outcome of all things. Rather, you should be open to the acceptance of what is to come.


Trust in the moment, keeping your sight on where you want to be. Trust that all will be well in time, you will get what you desire or get something better. Continue with your journey and focus on the guiding light within you. You have to focus on what really matters to you, and let go of your fears so that you will be able to conquer these hindrances with you and what you desire.


Allow you to fully experience the here and now. The unknown need not be feared, open your heart, embracing that which is before you this day.

Amanda Cooper

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