Angel Message Of The Day : Tranquility



In the dawning of new experiences, allow you to be enfolded in total peace and contentment. Even with all of the experiences that you have encountered and will be encountering, you must let yourself breathe just for a moment to reflect. It is important to take a breather to not be overwhelmed by life, in general. Let yourself be enfolded in peace so that you will be able to recollect all that is happening around you. Reflect in the best ways, and be at peace with yourself. Be content with what you currently have, and be in the present. You are more than blessed, and you must focus on the now instead of what is lost. Show appreciation for all that is given to you, and you will be more blessed than ever.


Wings of serenity gently, lovingly wrap around your entire being, physical and ethereal. Breathe deeply, and feel or sense peace and tranquility flow through your heart and your mind. Let yourself be taken away, and you will be fulfilled. When there is a sense of peace and tranquility, you will feel that all is right in the world. There will be total harmony with yourself and deep within you. At the same time, you will feel more connected with those around you. Let yourself be nurtured with love and light, and be at peace with what is currently happening in your life. It is important that you focus on the serenity that is being freely given to you.

Imagine, imagine floating in a beautiful lake. You are safe and protected as you open yourself to total, peaceful bliss. There is a bubble of protection where you can feel secure in all ways. At the same time, you will feel yourself in bliss knowing that there is nothing but light and love around you. The beautiful scene will grant you the time to be at peace within yourself. The tranquility that you feel will lead you to start anew with yourself. Be in bliss, feel the harmony and peace within you, and focus on your goals and aspirations afterward. Be at the most peace with yourself, and you will gain tranquility in all ways.

The gentle, calm lake is the most beautiful aquamarine. Clouds float effortlessly in the sky above. Quiet your mind; listen to the soft sounds of the breeze in the trees along the shoreline. The peaceful view will bring you to new places where you will feel safe and sound. You are given the chance to quiet your mind, and there, you will be able to reflect more deeply on yourself. You must focus on the gentleness around you, and you must bask in the light of all that surrounds you. Be in tranquility where you will feel at peace with yourself, you are allowing everything to be in full harmony.


The clouds appear so close you could reach out and touch the translucent iridescent white puffs. Peace and serenity flow in and around you. Let yourself be around peace and serenity, and you will feel the most harmonious with yourself and around you. There is nothing better than being at peace with yourself and your surroundings. That is why it is important that you will focus on getting tranquility in all ways. Surround yourself with the people and things that will protect your peace at all times. Be enveloped with a cocoon of clouds with nothing but peace and serenity within you. It is natural to lean on the greatness that peace brings, you must not let the peace be taken away from you at all times.


There is only peace and serenity. Are you smiling with ease this day, as peace and serenity envelop you in its loving cocoon? Bask in the peace where you will feel at ease with yourself and your current situation. You will no longer be full of worry and fear in your heart. Instead, you can make space for the love and light within you. It is important that you protect your peace and continue to carry on with your journey. You must focus on getting peace and harmony in order to be in total tranquility. Tranquility is the gift of allowing, allowing all to be in perfect harmony.

Amanda Cooper

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