Angel Message Of The Day : Tranquility

Angel of Tranquility 


Imagine you are standing on the shore of a big sapphire blue lake; there are trees all along the shore of this beautiful sapphire blue lake. The scene is beautiful as you take in all that surrounds you. The blue of the shore gives the calm and serene atmosphere that you have been seeking. The green of the trees connects you with nature, and it gives off a different glow. Combining both of them takes you on a journey that is calm and serene. There is no one else but you and the beautiful scenery in front of you. What more could you truly ask for at this very moment?


The lake is so peaceful, and the surface is as smooth as silk, and not even one small ripple disturbs the peace and tranquility of the lake. How much do you enjoy basking in tranquility? This is an experience you long for after the busking and hustling of life that has been bugging you. All the responsibilities and disturbances in your life seem so far away now. At this moment, you are at peace and harmony with all that surrounds you and within yourself. No one will dare to take away the peace that you have now, so you need to make full use of it while you are here.


Take a few moments to really see this beautiful, peaceful lake. There is something so peaceful when you see a place that signifies nature and beauty in one go. How about taking a good look at this lake in front of you? Taking in the moment would surely make you feel like you are in a place with no disturbance and negativity. There is only peace, love, and light. When there is peace, you will feel like you are in a harmonious state with yourself and all that surrounds you. When there is love, all you will feel is compassion, greatness, and warmth. When there is light, there is hope in all ways radiating through you. 


Imagine you are floating, safely and contentedly, floating in the sapphire blue lake. When you are floating through the peaceful lake, all that has been clouding your mind will be released, and you will feel at peace knowing that all is well. There is a certain feeling of safety when you are floating by the water, where you can only feel the warmth and love all over you. At the same time, there is contentment where you feel like there is nothing else to change and do any longer but to bask in the peace and harmony that the lake brings.  


You float effortlessly without care; there is only peace and tranquility. We always long for times like this when we will no longer have to think of anything else but ourselves and where we are at this moment. You will let go of the worries and fears that may be troubling you for a while now. At this moment, we can let go of our inhibitions and apprehensions as we bask in the peace and love the lake brings. Let yourself surrender to this feeling, give it your all and release everything. Bask in peace and tranquility so that you can start anew and fresh. It is the best way to get a kickstart so you can begin once again.


Feel the bliss. Sense peace and joy as the sapphire blue lake gently cradles you. Return to this place as often as you choose. This kind of bliss is something you deserve and more. Hence, you should not be afraid to let yourself go and come back to the lake once again. The peaceful lake will be your ultimate getaway to no longer feel uneasy. In times of trouble,  you can count on the thought that a peaceful lake is within your reach anytime you may seek it. You deserve peace and harmony in your life and so much more. Do not take it away from yourself. Choose your peace if you must, and do not be afraid to make boundaries if you will need to. Carry on with your journey as much as you can. Then, return to this place, experience peace and tranquility, and reconnect with Divine Source Energy.

Amanda Cooper

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