Angel Message Of The Day : Transition, Expansion, Awareness

Archangel Sariel 


In all things, in all people, in all places, know you and all shall flow peacefully, harmoniously into place within and around you. 


Look to me and my brethren for protection, guidance, healing, harmony, knowledge.  


In the seeking you will find. 


In the asking you will receive. 


Upon knocking upon the door, all shall be opened to you. 


Each moment, each breath, each step forward along the path before you is an opportunity to go beyond what is known. 

Be not afraid of the beloved one for you are loved, you are guided beyond measure. 


Seek answers first within. 


Each breath gives you another. 


Each moment of peacefulness gifts you with another. 


Each moment of joy gifts you with another.

Each moment of gratitude and appreciation gifts you with more to be thankful for, appreciating many blessings. 


What do you seek? 


For what do you yearn? 


In all things, in all people, in all places seek peace; harmony shall accompany you all your days and nights.

Amanda Cooper

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