Angel Message Of The Day : Tree Of Life

Archangel Jophiel 


Tree of Life. When you hear or see these words what images grace your inner sight? Imagine for a moment standing in the center of a lush, beautiful forest. The most beautiful sceneries of nature always give the calming sense that most are seeking. It may sound cliche at first, but this sense of peace that you have been longing for is natural, and being close to nature will help. The peace and harmony will give you the clarity that you have been seeking. When there is doubt, worries, and fears that looms in your heart, trust that all will be released. You must let them go, and you must find peace within your heart. Bask in nature where you can finally be within your heart and soul.


Listen, for in the stillness there are many sounds of life, birds, and the breeze as it plays its sweet melody through the leaves. Perhaps there is a stream or a waterfall nearby. Breathe in the sweet scent of the forest. When you are close to nature, you will feel the peace and harmony around you. In return, you will feel peace and harmony within your soul. It is important to take a pause once in a while and bask in the serenity that this kind of vision gives. It is the perfect time to reflect on your current life and be present. Give yourself the time to re-evaluate all that you have been through, and what you are feeling at this very moment. Let yourself be in the stillness with nature.


Close your eyes. What do you sense? What do you see? What do you hear? It is the best time to reflect on all that you are feeling and thinking at this very moment. When closing your eyes, what comes to your mind? It is the best time to quiet your mind and bask in the peace that is given to you. Take a deep breath and give yourself a pause. It is important to take a breather, especially with the hustle and bustle of life. When there are full of distractions in your everyday life, you must give yourself the time to reflect so you can be in harmony with yourself. Close your eyes, and finally, feel the serenity within your heart and soul.


Still, your mind, and your heart, calm your emotions and quiet the ego voice within. There is a beauty in stillness, where you will feel at peace with yourself at that moment. Breathe in golden yellow light, exhale shadow and darkness. It is important to focus on love and light around you, may it be surrounding you or within you. Afterward, you must focus on releasing all shadow and darkness. Do not let the shadow loom within you so that you will have space for love and light. Exhale all of it at once, and you will no longer feel suffocated by worries, fears, and doubts that may come once in a while.

Breathe in golden yellow light, feel or sense it infilling your entire being radiating outward creating a beautiful bubble, enfolding you in unconditional love and light. You must bask in the love and light that is given to you, and let yourself be engulfed with the warmth, compassion, and kindness that you have been looking for. You should bask in the harmony and peace that is given to you, and release all of the negativity that may loom in your heart. Fill your heart with the warmth of light, and let yourself radiate goodness and greatness. There is nothing better than feeling unconditional love and light within your heart and soul.  


Feel the warmth of the golden yellow bubble as it gently and lovingly brushes your skin. It may feel like silk or perhaps like butterfly wings. With love and light within you, you will strengthen the connection that you have with the Divine Source and yourself. Believe that there will be better days ahead of you, so long as you open your heart and mind to what is to come. Trust the grand process for the journey you are traveling, and radiate love and light within your soul. Allow peace and harmony shall follow you all your days.

Amanda Cooper

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