Angel Message Of The Day : Trust, Believe, Strength



Divine Source does not seek to deny that which you desire. That means, whatever you will want to achieve and obtain, you will be able to get it, too. In any way possible, you will be able to truly acquire what you most desire and more. You have to acknowledge what it is that you desire the most, and then eventually all will fall into place. You just always have to trust the process in which you will go through before getting into the place you want to be in.  


All you desire and more is yours for the asking, for the seeking, for the knocking upon the door. This means that whatever goals you may have, it is always yours and you shall conquer and acquire them. It will come to you soon enough, have faith and trust that you will get what you truly desire. Whatever you are seeking and looking for, it will be a step away from you soon enough.  You will gain the clarity of the mind and soul that you are seeking, and you will gain peace of mind and whatever goals you have for the future.   


There are many variables, many degrees of wanting, or desire; just as there are many levels of Spiritual Expansion. There are different severities when it comes to getting what you desire the most. Appearances are deceiving, appearances flow along the surface, floating on the breeze called life. There are things that more than meet the eye, and all that you see is not always true. You must learn to distinguish between important things in your life, as well as the not so important to set your priorities straight.


Have faith, believe all is as you desire it to be or better beloved one. In one way or another, you shall get what you speak to the universe. You may get what you desire, or you will acquire what is better for you. Rest assured that anything is possible as long as you put your heart into it. For all shall be made manifest at your feet, in your heart, and in your thoughts into physical form or you shall no longer feel the ache of not having what you desire. As long as you truly put your heart and soul into getting what you desire, you shall have it sooner than later. You may not only have it but acquire a better goal for yourself. 


All is made whole in the asking, in the wanting. All is made whole in the moment desire is conceived. When you put what you desire the most out there, in the universe, they will hear you out and later on grant your ultimate wish. You just have to acknowledge what you truly desire the most in this life. You have to learn how to prioritize each of the choices you will have so that you will know which paths to take to get what you want in the end. 


All is healed in the moment of the asking. All is granted to you for there is no-thing you cannot have, anything you cannot do, nothing you cannot be. Know that you will always have the potential to be who you want to be, and you will always have the chance to get what you want in the world. However, you have to be patient and wait for the right time that will be given to you. On the same note, you have to make sure to be prepared for what is to come, in order to not be overwhelmed by the future. 


Having patience for all is granted. You need to learn how to wait patiently, and soon everything will fall into your hands. You just have to trust that it will all come through and at the same time,  you have to focus on your goals and do your very best to achieve them. You will soon realize that your goals are within your reach, and you will be able to grasp them by hand. Once you have them, make sure to thank the Divine, and continue to nurture what you have received. Trust the process; be true to yourself as all things, and all desires unfold before you. 

Amanda Cooper

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