Angel Message Of The Day : Trust The Radiance Within

Archangel Uriel 


Light shines down upon you.  Light shines within you.  


Light radiates from your Inner-Essence, touching all who come into your thoughts, touching all you see, touching all things everywhere in every dimension.  


That which is given to you by Source cannot be darkened cannot be contained, nor can it be extinguished by mankind.  


That which is given to you cannot be taken from you 


That which is given to you cannot be imprisoned by another’s thoughts, actions nor emotions. 


It is you and only you which can do these things to your Inner-Radiance. 


Trust the light given to you by Source. 


Trust the light within, it shall shed light upon all in the physical realm.  


There is only truth, love and light which shines forth through the radiance within.


Trust the radiance within, it shall cast out shadow and doubt illuminating all before you in grace, in harmony.  


Seek counsel in physical form. There are those among you who have great knowledge, great light, those who judge you not.  


Call upon me and my brethren to illuminate the path before you this day. 


Step into the light, feel the warmth upon your skin. Look about you, for in truth there is only love and light.  


Trust the radiance within given you by Divine Source and of the Angelic Realm. 


Trust ….

Amanda Cooper

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