Angel Message Of The Day : Unconditional Release



Release that which causes dis-harmony. 


Release that which is conditional. 


Release that which does not serve your highest and best good. 


Release all that is not of love and light. 


Call upon me to clear the path before you, lighting each step upon your path in brilliant white light. 


There is no place, no space for any shadow thought, emotion, circumstance, or situation to conceal itself. 


There is only love. There is only light. 


In the beginning all was made in the likeness of Spirit, Divine Source


All is made in love. All is made in light. 

Imagine a balloon, a beautiful emerald green balloon … breathe deeply … exhale slowly filling the balloon with all thoughts of lack, situations, which cause dis-comfort, dis-harmony. 


Breathe in light … exhale all shadow and darkness into the balloon. Breathe deeply, inhaling the Divine Light … exhale shadow. 


Tie a beautiful, bright yellow, silken ribbon to seal all inside the balloon. 


In love and light, release the balloon. The balloon begins to rise above all Earthly concerns. The balloon rises higher, higher, higher still. 


The balloon continues to rise, you feel lighter and lighter. 


The balloon has risen so high, it has become a tiny speck. 


You no longer see the balloon; there is no thing, person, situation, nor circumstance to hold you from your good. 


Allow yourself to be free. All is well.

Amanda Cooper

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