Angel Message Of The Day : Vibrational Energy

Archangel Raphael


There is hope. There is faith. When there is hope and faith, there is a certain trust that all will be well in time. Holding onto hope is one of the best gifts that has been given to you, as it is a gift that is freely given. Hoping will let you dream and manifest what you have been seeking and what you truly desire the most in this world.  Surrendering to your faith means you are letting things unfold as they are while believing that everything will turn out to be what you seek the most or better.


Your source for all things is the Divine Source. The Divine Source has given you blessings and gifts that you may use in your journey. The most important ones are the hope, light, and love that has been given to you which you may utilize freely. To show appreciation for the blessings you have been given, you have to make sure that you make use of these gifts. Spread love and light whenever you can, so that you can share it with the world and all that surrounds you.

It matters not the name by which you seek to strengthen your connection with the keeper and giver of all that is. Only that which is thought to be lost is lost. That which is known to be made manifest is made manifest. Be watchful of your vibration, thoughts, actions, emotions, and spoken words. You have to be mindful of what vibration you are giving to the world and manifesting to the universe. Clear your thoughts with darkness and negativity, and fill them instead with a positive light where you can be hopeful and loving. Check your actions carefully so that you will only show kindness and compassion to others. Be more in tune with your emotions by practicing showing love and light as much as you can. You have to be aware of the emotions you are showing to others, and keep them in check


Imagine if you will the color purple. What thought or emotion comes to mind? Imagine the color brown. What thought or emotion comes to mind? Most people would deem the purple color as the one that signifies sensitivity and intuition. The color seems to represent how in tune the people are with their emotions and the underlying feelings that are not said. On the other hand, the color brown may be looked at by some people as a symbol of hurdles in one’s life. When this happens, the vibration may seem dull and troubled. 

Each color thought, emotion, action, each word spoken carries its own unique vibrational energy. Choose all with love and compassion. Choose to exhibit the colors that will show your vibrant energy full of love and light. You can show these kinds of colors by radiating love and light through every action and emotion that you are giving to those who surround you. Please remember that all of what you send to the world, may it be through words, actions, or thoughts, will reflect on your character and your growth as a person.


Speak kindly to you and to others. That which you truly are resonates deep within you. Open your heart and your mind to the light of all there is. You always have to choose to speak carefully and with kindness and compassion to each and every person you will meet. Everyone deserves kindness and love, hence,  you should be the first to exhibit this behavior. If you wish to receive kindness, you have to show kindness to everyone around you. At the same time, choose to spread the love and light and radiate it wherever you are at this very moment.


You always have the ultimate choice to seek the positivity and light you have been given or to choose to lurk in the darkness that will not bear fruit. Choose to bask in the light and love which has been given to you. On your journey for today, remember to reflect on the greatness in you. Radiate love and light as much as possible, in all ways you can. Shine forth this day, casting away all appearance of shadow or darkness for there is only light this day and the next.

Amanda Cooper

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