Angel Message Of The Day : Vision Of Seeing



As you look around, what do you see? 


Do you see limitations or limitlessness, dis-ease or health, lack or abundance? 


Do you see dis-harmony or harmony? 


Do you see chaos or peacefulness in your surroundings? 


There is much before you this moment; choose to see past physical realm perceptions of fear and lack, distrust of your fellow human kind. 


Choose instead to be aware of that which is before you; choose to acknowledge that which is a truth for another without creating their truth as your own. 

Truth is that which resonates within you. 


Choose to see past physical real limitations of others, their truth need not be your truth. You are free to choose, seeing through the eyes of my brethren and me and that of Divine Source. 


Vision is seeing through the eyes of love and compassion. 


Are you willing to see you through eyes of love and compassion as Source sees you? 


Are you willing to see all creatures great and small with love and compassion? Vision … Vision … how shall you choose to see this day?

Amanda Cooper

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