Angel Message Of The Day : Walking The Path Of Light

Angel of Illumination


Walking the Path of Light, one must rise above the confusion, seeing the path before them illuminated with Light and Love. You will be seeing and sensing your right path. When you choose what path seems to fit you best, you have to pick one that is being shown to you through the lens of Light and Love. When there is light, you must remember that there is hope. When there is love, all that there is will be revealed to you. You must remember that you will revel in warmth, security, and compassion. These are all feelings of satisfaction that you deserve more than ever. Choose the option that is the best for you, and never let it go. You must carry on your journey seeking the light and love in your path ahead of you.  


See Divine Light shine into every place within and around you at this moment. When the light surrounds you, you will bask in the guidance, warmth, and care it brings. Let the light radiate in your surroundings and within you so that it will only bring you to greatness. When there is light, it shall guide you on the correct path and your journey on this day. The happiness and clarity it brings not only direct you to the right path but also provide comfort in all ways. There is a certain blanket of security that you will feel once you trust that all is part of the greater plan, a process that we all will go through. 


There is only light. There is only love. All perception of shadow or darkness is fully illuminated with light. All is revealed in the light. Light is a Divine Gift freely given to you by Divine Source. When there is light, there is a certain brightness that it brings into your life. Not only will you feel the clarity of the path that you are taking, but you will also feel the warmness and glow of the light that surrounds you and guides you to the correct destination in reaching your goals. 


Honor your inner voice. Honor your inner sight. You have to trust yourself and the path that you are taking. You have to take into consideration your instincts and the light within you. Remember that no one knows you better than anyone else in the world but yourself. Hence, you should trust yourself with the decisions you are making. You must focus on the inner voice telling you what can be the right decision you have been seeking when choosing the path. Once you are in harmony with yourself, with your emotions, desires, and feelings, then you will be able to fully decide on what comes next for you. You are the ultimate captain of your soul, and you are the one with the upper hand when it comes to choosing your fate and the next course ahead. 


Trust what you see and hear the truth, your truth. Become quiet, breathe in light, breathe out shadow or darkness, breathe in light, breathe out shadow or darkness. You have to take in what is good for you so that you will flourish further. This way, you will get to nurture your heart and soul. You have to leave all of the negativity behind and release it all at once so that you will no longer have to hold emotions that will not do you any good. You only have to focus on obtaining the positive aura that you will need to conquer your goals and aspirations. 


Deep within, you know the way. You know the right path for you. You know that which is for your highest and best good. Trust that all will be well in time. You have to reflect and truly seek within so that you will find clarity on which path to take. When all is clear, that is the best time to carry on with your journey toward the suitable path. You know what the best path that you should take on is. Hence, you have to be true to yourself. Walking the path of light need not be other than fully illuminated with love and light. How shall you choose to walk the path before you this day?

Amanda Cooper

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