Angel Message Of The Day : Whispers On The Wind

Archangel Sandalphon 


On the tips of Hummingbird wings, the soft beating of butterfly wings, the silence of a feather in flight. 


In the asking you receive.  


In the wanting all is made manifest.  

If you want love, be loving to you and to those around you.  


If you want prosperity, be generous with you and to others.  


If you want peace, be peaceful.  


Be that which you seek and that which you seek shall be made manifest before you. 

You cannot receive that which you cannot give.  


You cannot be that which you are not.  


Be in the silence, look at you. 


You are blessed beyond measure.  


You are loved beyond measure.  


You are prosperous beyond measure.  

Go first within, all else shall be made manifest on the whispers of the wind.  


Listen, be open, give of yourself from your heart and soul.  


Look first within, all shall be made manifest on the whispers of the wind.

Amanda Cooper

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