Angel Message Of The Day : You Are Not Alone

Archangel Taharial 


Beloved Child, as you travel the earthly realm, know you are loved, cherished, and protected. Yes, we understand you may, at times, feel as though you are alone. There are moments when you may feel that you are stuck and no one around you would understand. There is a bleakness and a moment of darkness that you feel wary over. Even all assurances that are given to you do not feel the most secure, and it feels like all of the worries and doubts are clouding your mind. You feel the most alone, and it does not feel like anyone would get your situation.


During moments of perceived aloneness, know there are multitudes of celestial beings awaiting to be beckoned to your side. A whispered prayer, a thought, a longing to be in a better place is all that is needed to summon us to your side. Once you seek guidance and help, you will feel renewed and once again feel complete. You are radiant, and you have always been loved and protected. You will no longer feel alone in your journey, and the guidance that you have been seeking will be yours the moment you have asked

Truth be told, we are always about you, shielding, guiding, loving, and healing. We are reminding you of your inner essence, your Divine Nature, that which is like unto Divine Source. That which is your inner essence is pure and whole, and it is complete as it is intended. You have always been loved and protected, and you have always been whole as your own. Carry on with your journey, knowing that you can bask in love and light. There is nothing better than knowing that you are never alone in the journey ahead of you.


Seek first that place within, knowing love and light follow you all of your days. Know love and light guide you all of your days. Know love and light shine forth from within you and through you. You are the light of the Divine Source. The light has always been within you, and you must carry on with your journey, knowing that you are blessed. Radiate light, as you have always shined bright. Your true essence is pure and whole, and the hope that you carry with your heart with lead you ultimately to the right path. Radiate love, as you have always been full of compassion and understanding. Carry love around you where you will feel understood and accepted. 

You are the heart of the Divine Source. How, then, shall there be anything less than love and light within and without? It can not be otherwise, for there is only love and light. All else is an illusion, perceptions not of your making. Whatever is around you are part of the illusion that may shadow your greatness. Do not fret, as you have always been blessed with love and light. Distractions are always there to put doubts in your mind, and you should rest easy knowing that you are never alone in your journey ahead toward your goals and aspirations.


Choose wisely, for in choosing, you choose light or shadow and darkness. Illuminate all with the love and light of the Divine, and there can only be that which is pure in thought, pure in heart, pure in deed. You are given a choice every day to seek light or darkness. The heavy feeling that may lead you to a slump may feel that it is the end of the journey. However, you must remember the light at the end of the tunnel that you will see soon. Once you reflect and give your best shot, be reminded that you have always had the love and light within you. Keep the hope in your heart and never let it go. Continue to walk toward your goal with love and light within your heart and Soul. 


Call upon me to purify the mind, the heart, the Spirit, the essence of your Soul. Know all is well, dear Child, for the dawning of the day brings hope, faith, and trust, and all is well. So be it. So be it. So be it. Go forth, radiating light from within, and become a softer, stronger beacon of the Divine.

Amanda Cooper

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