Angel Number 661

661 delivers a message that you must let go of your fears about loss in your life to be your happiest self. Winning is only a fantastic feat because losing exists as well. If you won everything you wanted in life, there would be nothing special about it. Trust in your divine angels’ guidance as you navigate your home and family life, and they will heal your anxieties. Remember that you create your destiny, so maintain a positive attitude, and the universe will reward you for it. 


661 is a warning from the angels not to leave yourself vulnerable in terms of love. You guilt easily and are someone easy to manipulate. You must remember your true worth, not the value someone places on you as they cast you aside. You always want to make peace and sacrifice tiny pieces of yourself to do so. When you are reminded of your worth, you will have the courage to value a healthy relationship and demand that for yourself. Don’t be afraid to turn away from the relationships that cause you harm. Despite how you are treated, you are an idealist with high moral values for love. While compromise comes with love, settling does not. Your divine angels want you to know the difference by delivering 661. 

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