Animals Benefit from Energy Recovery

I discovered about energy recovery by getting healings from a practitioner. Discovering the chakras on my horse, Echo, was simple for me.

Energy work, energy recovery, pranic healing, Reiki, and hands-on-healing are simply a few of labels which explain similar systems. I utilize Shamballa Multidimensional Healing because it uses the highest vibrational frequencies available on Earth currently and focuses on empowering the customer.

In a Shamballa session, the healer is a channel for Life Force energy, Unconditional Love energy, and Spiritual Light. By holding objectives based on the customer’s goals, the therapist supplies a safe space and a chance to release and restore balance at the cellular, organ and system levels of the physical body.

About a year a half prior to I found out about energy healing, Echo, my horse, came in from pasture with muscle spasms in her mid-back. Considering that I am telepathic with animals, I asked her what had happened. As she ran up a slope on damp yard, her hindquarters slipped sideways and strike the ground, twisting her back.

Echo was dealt with both with veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic, along with mild massage. While her body seemed to be restored to best health, there stayed a soft lump on Echo’s back at the spine right behind the saddle area. Two vets stated it was probably a cyst that would never ever go away. I observed it changing shape from time to time, however it did not get smaller.

Eighteen months later, I started teaching myself about energy recovery by looking for the main chakras in Echo’s body. When working properly, the physical body gets life force through the chakras and sends out energies it no longer requires.

You feel for the presence of a chakra by bringing your hand, palm down, in a sweeping motion towards the spine and after that diving back up again. As I moved my turnover Echo’s back, I felt various sensations which assisted me recognize 6 of the seven main chakras. Given that I felt the energy, however, did not see it, I used my hands to feel Echo’s chakras at different ranges above her body.

Echo’s third chakra lay directly over the swelling. As I felt the chakra 3 inches above her physical body, I observed that part of it seemed greater than the rest, like a funnel within a funnel. I remembered seeing a drawing in Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light which showed what I was feeling with my hands.

I wondered, “How do you fix this?” The answer came. I understand that with my hand, the root of the piece that ran out, I could put it back where it belonged, inside Echo’s body. I knew that I could not actually position my physical hand into Echo’s physical body, so I simply thought of or pretended that I was doing it, and inspected the top of the chakra once again. It felt totally normal.

Two weeks later, the swelling on Echo’s back had entirely disappeared, never ever to return.

I was amazed, thrilled, and confused, all at the same time. Had I really fixed the problem? If so, how had I known what to do? I shared this story with the lady who was providing me recoveries. she described that all energetic recovery is performed with the aid of spirit guides who are recovery experts. She encouraged me to satisfy mine

That night I asked to fulfill my guides. Right away, I saw in my mind 3 beings. One looked like a Caucasian male dressed in a toga. The 2nd looked like a Native American kachina with a hawk’s head. The third was an African tribesman whose clothes in some cases looked like a western fit. Just the very first guide spoke to me, or he was the only one I could hear. I inquired to deal with me and they all concurred.

Since that time, I have discovered a good deal by offering recoveries and enabling my guides to teach me. For example, I found that a recovery can be sent to someone anywhere on the planet and the result is the same as if I were physically present with the client.

One of my first range healing clients was a pet dog called Vinnie who had gotten surgery on the vertebrae of his neck to repair an injury. He was on medication for pain and strolled with his head hung down, his lower back curled under.

The evening after Vinnie’s first recovery, his household called to state that he was holding his head up more and putting more weight on his ideal forefoot. Four days later, his family called to inform me that “For the past a number of days, he’s been in much better spirits.


I discovered about energy healing by receiving recoveries from a practitioner. About a year a half before I found out about energy recovery, Echo, my horse, came in from pasture with muscle convulsions in her mid-back. Eighteen months later, I started teaching myself about energy healing by looking for the main chakras in Echo’s body. One of my first distance healing customers was a dog named Vinnie who had gotten surgical treatment on the vertebrae of his neck to fix an injury. The evening after Vinnie’s very first healing, his family called to state that he was holding his head up more and putting more weight on his right forefoot.

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