Archangel Raphael’s Love Life Guidance v5

Archangel Raphael's Love Guidance

The Divine Healer, Archangel Raphael, is the patron saint of healing, protection and guidance.

He is the primary intercessor of the supreme, all-knowing and omnipresent Divine Source in manifesting the miraculous ways of divination to come to the aid of sick individuals, matchmaker for those in pursuit of a life-long partner as well as travelers who will embark on a journey.

His holy presence is invoked by the those who seeks his guidance for Archangel Raphael will appeal to the Divine Source in your behalf, hence, it will do you best should you allot sufficient time to earnestly offer your prayers and preserve a strong, unwavering heart and mind to welcome all the blessings that shall come your way.

Bear in mind the fact that the celestial beings have lived alongside their Creator since the beginning of time, and therefore have gained significant wisdom and familiarity amongst humanity, their cultures, languages, beliefs, and practices.

Their benevolence is profusely manifested in many ways, regardless of what language it has been uttered from, despite it being extinct, you will be certain that the divine beings will hearken it especially in times of need.

Has the brooding feeling from fear of failure left you hesitant to confront the difficulties the universe has set upon you to conquer? Are the solitude and thoughts of desertion giving rise to feelings of anxiety that you have no one to turn to or rely on in moments of despair such as now?

Keep in mind that with each passing millisecond, your silent cries for help are being heeded at all times and even without your knowledge.

As the realization that no matter how massive the hurdles you come across to dawns on you, without fear nor hesitation, you must henceforth understand confidently that these impactful events will bring about clarity and awareness as well as changes that hold significance thereby enabling you to value the beauty that comes with having a heart and mind that openly accepts the will and ways of the universe, regardless of its catastrophic ambiguity and volatility akin to the nature of electricity.

Have you sufficiently expressed your unconditional gratitude to the Divine Source as well as the universe? Do you take the time to reflect on the feats you have achieved that seemed to be indomitable at the time?

As a protector and guardian of the vulnerable, in need, and less privileged, Archangel Raphael strives to preserve the safety of the people as what would attorneys instinctively do for their clients.

Surrender your adamant need to control situations that are not within your power to modify in accordance to your desires and needs for the Divine Source has already designed how the days ahead shall transpire for you.

These bewildering events manifested by the longings of your heart will naturally occur as how the universe willed it to be, hence, all that is left is for you to observe its eventual fruition.

Things will become clearer should you refocus your energy on personal growth and effectiveness and trust that soon enough, what you deserve will be given to you.

You must hold in high regard the woes of the past for they will be your guiding light as you embark the turbulent journey of life and unfold its mysteries with delight.

You are a person born for greater things, nonetheless, you should come to terms with the future being acutely obscure and full of upheavals which no amount of institutionally-transmitted knowledge nor direct personal experience can ever unravel or decipher.

Once you have finally ceased degrading and beating yourself up from past mistakes, fear of failure, and helplessness, you will be more welcoming of the blessings you once felt like you never deserved to be granted with and you will no longer feel defeated by your shortcomings and instead will be more determined to work and further improve on the qualities necessitated by the hurdles that shall come your way.

Keep in mind the fact that the celestial beings are as ever-present as the Divine Source should you seek their aid in overcoming difficulties so you can come out triumphant despite being heavily wounded, emotionally and spiritually. Be fearless as you move forward with pride for these are gestures of strength, gratitude and unwavering faith.

With every loss comes a gain, with every closed door, new ones open. Keep in mind that the steps ahead possess enormous fortune guised as tumult and long they have awaited your arrival, remember that if you believe, every great opportunity will bear blessings that shall be within your grasp.

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