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Archangel Raphael’s Love Life Guidance

The heavenly beings are all-knowing and omnipresent wherein even the quietest cry for help or unexpressed wishes held captive to one’s mind are audible for them. Being an instrument of the Divine Source, the Archangel Raphael is a substantial intercessor in both healing and guidance for those individuals in search of a spouse. His holy providence of guidance shall continue to enlighten you as healer, protector and a matchmaker throughout your life as it unfolds and begin anew with the person whom you will live with in love, peace, and harmony, and share eternal joy to the hereafter. The Divine Source, together with the seven archangels, have long since performed such miracles in abundance to guide His people to a purposeful and prosperous living and become an efficient citizen of the society by inspiring them to continuously strive to make a positive change for the years to come.


Commendable as it may be as you dare to take that huge leap of faith, it is also necessary to bear in mind that unexpected circumstances, unwanted or not and as inherently ambiguous as they are, must be accepted with open arms. There will be significant life events which you can control and those that must be left for the universe to work on. Once it transpires, you must exercise adaptability and welcome these changes with a smile. Versatility will be your greatest asset in handling such unpredictability. Just as insurance secures future coverage through meticulous planning and investments, taking the necessary precaution while being adaptive to change will encourage you to dauntlessly take on the challenges of life and the uncertainties entailed. Remember that what lies ahead are abundant blessings for the taking and it will fall right into your hands if you muster the courage to let go of the process and entrust it to the Divine Healer and his wonders.

Have you been feeling sullen and anxious as of late due to the degree of changes abruptly taking place in your life? As if you are about to lose sense of yourself as you slowly succumb to vulnerability and failure? It is truly frightening no matter which direction you view it from, fret not, however, for these unforeseen events require nothing more but your utmost resilience and patience. If you truly aim to prosper and thrive as you wander, then these challenging times wherein your faith and resolve will be tested must not render you dispirited regardless of the innumerable obstacles you are faced with. “Best be prepared” as most will say, but one can never be completely equipped for the future will remain ambiguous and unknown, incomprehensible yet beautiful as more days welcome better opportunities if you seize control of it. You may be hesitant to start something, perhaps, find new interests or hobbies or travel to some place you have never been to? Be kind enough to yourself by allowing mistakes and accidents to guide you, to help you grow and experience things firsthand. You will not be branded as a failure due to the errors you have committed in the past for they, in addition to the times where you stood triumphant, have shaped the person that you have become right now.

In all confidence must you surrender everything through the intercession of Archangel Raphael as he appeals to the Divine Source on your behalf in aiding you towards recuperation of your wounds, be it superficial or soul-deep, in obtaining the perfect spouse with the purest intentions in striving to bring you lasting happiness and foremost, in finding your life’s purpose as he redirects you to the right path whenever you are lost. Set your heart and mind into welcoming whatever lies ahead of you with arms wide open. If you begin to feel overwhelmed by the changes taking place or challenges you have yet to conquer, trust the process for it will soon unveil itself as the Divine Source’s way to determine how strongly you believe in Him and His wonders. Learning that change is a natural phenomenon as well as bearer of new beginnings will help you be more prepared for the hurdles and blessings that are yet to find their way to you. The worries and negativity planted in your heart shall soon be lifted and they will be nothing more but a thing of the past. Once you eventually move forward with an open heart and mind, unwavering faith, and unrelenting determination to seize every chance that comes your way, greater things will arrive at your doorstep in the manner in which they are meant to.

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