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What is your love language in a relationship?


As an Aries, your love language is physical touch. You like to be touched and hugged, and while it’s important to you that your partner is affectionate with you, it’s even more important that they show their affection through physical contact. You might be turned off by someone who doesn’t want to be touched at all–or who only wants to be touched in certain ways. If your partner doesn’t like to be hugged or kissed, for example, it could make them feel like their feelings aren’t being reciprocated. You are someone who appreciates expressions of love through hugs, holding hands, and other forms of physical affection. It is important to have a partner who understands your needs and makes an effort to show you their affection in this way; for many people, acts such as cuddling or snuggling up next to each other can be very meaningful ways to express feelings of care and intimacy. Spending time together physically can also help foster closeness in relationships that don’t exclusively rely on words alone.

Physical contact is a nonverbal love language used by Aries to communicate their value to others. Some people assume that this language is only used to satisfy sensual demands because of its physical aspect, although wanting physical touch is typically more about feeling noticed and safe than it is about sex. Although it can happen when both couples are on the same page, physical contact expressions do not always result in closeness. However, just because you express your love through physical touch doesn’t mean you are constantly feeling it. Likewise, neither you nor your partner should ever presume that any contact with you is okay at any time or in any location.

Aries, you have to understand that touch strengthens bonds in your relationships. Researchers found in one study that physical touch lowers feelings of abandonment and loneliness and raises heart rate. This indicates that after a brief stress-provoking exercise, holding hands with your partner reduced pupil dilatation (a stress reaction). There is evidence that touching lowers stress, which has implications for lowering several health risks. Researchers have also shown that holding your partner’s hand helps you feel less discomfort. If you’re a woman, getting physical support from other people might be a deliberate strategy for coping with delivery and other traumatic events. Specialized sensory filaments that pick up contact signals and calm feelings of rejection are stimulated by slow, soft touch. Lack of contact for an extended period of time can cause loneliness, anxiety, despair, and tension. Aries, touching any part of the body can communicate love, but everyone will have individual preference about what feels best to them. You thrive on touch, which means it may be hard to understand a person who is uncomfortable being touched. For people who grew up in a family or culture that did not express affection through touch, it might be tough to get used to. People who have suffered trauma or abuse could have an even harder time expressing or receiving touch.

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