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What is your love language in a relationship?


As an Aries, your love language is physical touch. You need to feel like you’re connecting with someone on a physical level in order to feel loved by them. If you’re not getting enough hugs, kisses, cuddles, or other forms of physical affection from your partner, it’s going to be hard for you to feel secure in the relationship. If this is a problem in your relationship and you want to work on it together as a team, try asking each other what would make each person feel more loved by their partner. Then try giving each other those things. If you’re not sure what kind of affection makes your partner happy or uncomfortable (or if they don’t know either), it might help if you both take some time to think about what makes you feel loved by someone else–and then talk about how that same thing could apply when it comes to how you show affection toward others as well.

Aries, since your primary love language is physical touch, it is important to make a conscious effort to tell loved ones how much they mean to you through physical contact. Hugging and cuddling with the people close to you can be incredibly comforting for those who prefer this type of affection over words or other forms of communication. Greeting someone with a hug hello when reuniting can also put you at ease and show that your well-being matters to you. Additionally, instead of simply patting someone on the back between conversations, try linking arms while walking together as small acts like these demonstrate genuine care and concern in an intimate way unique from all other types of expressions.

If you’re single, in a distant relationship, or isolated from your touch partner, Aries, it might be extremely difficult to satisfy your need for physical touch. There are techniques you may use to pass as someone else until you can reconnect with someone you feel comfortable with. Try sleeping with a body pillow or oversized stuffed animal to make your snuggle partner seem closer. You may also spend money on a massager because everyone gets tense after spending months hunched over a temporary desk. The next step is to adopt a pet for unrestricted, secure cuddles. Finally, you can exercise your body in various ways, such as through yoga, workout videos, or a warm, sensory-rich bath.

Aries, learning your partner’s love languages together is a chance to discuss and practice your relationship skills so that both of your needs are addressed. You can hold hands as you stroll or sit peacefully next to each other. If quality time is your partner’s preferred method of showing love, this will satisfy both of you. Additionally, during the day, provide regular, impromptu hugs or back rubs to develop your touching habit. To locate a point of relaxation for both of you, try massaging various body parts. When there is a lot happening around you, use PDA to reassure your partner that you are paying attention to them.

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