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What is your love language in a relationship?


Aries, your love language is physical touch. You need to be able to touch your partner in order to feel truly connected with them. If you don’t get enough physical contact, you may feel like something is missing. Among the five love languages is physical contact, which is defined as affection expressed and received through touch, physical proximity, and other types of physical connection. Physical touch is the love language used when expressing love through kissing, hugs, holding hands, and sexual activity. For example, having a partner wrap their arm around you when you’re public or cuddle up next to you on the couch as you watch TV together are examples of tiny physical gestures that count a lot more to you than presents or declarations of love.

Physical touch is pleasurable physiologically because skin-to-skin contact causes the release of hormones linked to pleasure and intimacy. Aries, as someone whose love language is physical touch, it’s important to you that you connect with your partner through more than just words. Knowing and understanding the power of embracing each other in a meaningful hug or gentle caress can go a long way towards expressing your genuine care for one another. Physical affection also helps you stay connected when you spend time apart, by giving you tangible reminders of how much you mean to each other. Hugging and holding hands are simple, but wonderful ways to demonstrate your feelings without having to speak them out loud every single day—or at least not quite as often.

Aries, you have to understand that a person’s preferred method of receiving love might vary depending on a variety of things, including how love was or wasn’t exhibited in your family when you were growing up. But there is definitely a hormonal component to physical touch as well. You exhale specific chemicals and neurotransmitters including oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine when you are touched physically. And these hormones give you a positive feeling. Good, good, like. You have been given the nicknames “love hormone” and “cuddle hormone,” which is not surprising. It’s also crucial to understand that the ways in which you give and receive love may differ. For example, the way in which you want to express your love for someone may differ from the way in which you prefer to be shown that love.

When was the last time the person in your relationship made you feel truly loved and cared for? Physical touch is probably your preferred method of communication, whether it was when they massage your feet after a strenuous run, when you danced and jived to jazz music in your living room, or when they caressed your knee beneath the table at your parents’ house. Physical contact is likely the love language of those who express their love through it more often than receiving presents or verbal reinforcement, which proves that this is the case with you, Aries. 


Since you characterized yourself as a person who is highly touchy feely, a really good hugger, and kind of a cuddle monster, Aries, physical touch is your preferred method of communication. Keep in mind that if it is your preferred method of communication in romantic relationships, it is also appropriate in platonic ones.

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