Bronze 2 Health

Bronze 2

If one has a bronze aura, they may be thinking that it’s going to be harder to find a job. While this is true, there are ways to make sure they’re able to land the job they want and keep it. First of all, try not to let their bronze aura scare them off from applying for jobs. If they have a great personality and are an excellent communicator, then employers will see that in their application. Even if they don’t get that vibe from their resume, they’ll still hire them once they meet with them in person. It’s also important for people with a bronze aura to know that there’s no need to apologize for their aura or any other parts of themselves—people see what they want to see. So if employers don’t like their aura too much, then don’t worry about it—they may just not be good at seeing how great someone else is.

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