CANCER 2 What kind of partner do you look for in a relationship?



What kind of partner do you look for in a relationship?


Cancer is a Water sign born under the fourth astrological sign, thus they look for a partner who will be caring, compassionate, receptive and aware of their emotional needs. They seek out a genuine and deep connection and are frequently devoted and loyal in their relationships, typically one that is profound and meaningful that is also sought by their loved one, therefore forming and working for the similar goal. While Cancer individuals tend to be quiet and reluctant which could take them some time before they start to trust their partner, they are innately kind and benevolent nurturers. Furthermore, when they start to open their heart, they do so in a warm, caring manner that forges ties that endure a lifetime. Their strong levels of intuition and empathy enable them to connect deeply with their spouse and have a deep understanding of them. It is important to bear in mind that Cancer people are known for their sensitive and emotional nature and therefore they desire a companion who can provide them with protection and comfort they require to feel assured and cared for. These Cancer people long for a partner who they appreciate and one who equally provides them the same amount of appreciation they provide. As water sign and bearer of the Crab, they are known to be fiercely loyal to their loved ones and expects them to feel the same way about them and highly values a spouse who honestly hears them out and can relate to their thoughts and feelings. Relationships should be honest and transparent, according to the Crab. They could become gloomy or reclusive if they believe their emotional needs are not being met, entirely or partially. They persist very hard to maintain a strong, healthy and lasting relationship, but they are usually patient and tolerant of the obstacles that may come along the way.

Cancer individuals are naturally sensitive and thoughtful spouses in a relationship and expect the same from their spouses. They prefer to show their love for their partner through deeds of generosity and assistance, and they are always more than willing to help and comfort their loved ones through comforting gestures, such as kindness and gentleness, especially their significant other. Apart from being great listeners, they are also excellent communicators and can be very

forthright with their emotions and intentions, thus will lead to a stronger emotional link between the Cancer people and their partners. To add, these sentimental Crabs typically seek a spouse who values tradition, family, and home. Spending time with their partner and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in their home brings them joy that no amount of materialistic possession can amount to. They could often opt for furniture or adornments that they and their partners would enjoy using or simply looking at. Additionally, they frequently form close relationships with the family and friends of their spouse and enjoy their company. These Crabs would make sure that their presence is also desired and appreciated by providing them a warm and welcoming home during their visits or whenever they spend quality time outdoors. 

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