Coffee Cup Readings Bell Meaning 2

Today's Coffee Reading

Meaning 2:


Unexpected changes for the good are sounding off in the air! Great news that will lead to your benefit will catch you off guard right now. Be on the alert for anyone bearing messages related to money. Whether it is about a transfer of property, an inheritance, or sudden gifts of cash or a new opportunity for making profits, be all ears and ready your hands to receive. This is a sign that your pockets will be filled soon.

If your romance has been rocky for quite a while, or you just got out of a toxic relationship, get ready for happy circumstances to come in soon enough! A positive development can happen which will mend your bonds with your partner, or bring you into a happier relationship if you have been through a recent break up. Surprise good news about your health can also show up at this time. It could be about healing, a new treatment for your current sickness, or a clean bill of health after an emergency check-up. Whatever it is that you may hear, it will be an assurance that you are in good hands.  

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