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Today's Coffee Reading

Meaning 1:


Life, in general is unpredictable. You can never know what will happen all of a sudden. This is a sign that you must be prepared for unexpected news. Try your best to secure your money and have alternate plans for your career and livelihood. No matter how stable you think it looks like, one surprising event can change everything and leave you empty! Be aware of what is going on with your soulmate and the people in your inner circle. Certain issues they may have with their personal lives can suddenly come out in the open and affect you as well.

Have some wisdom, and know when to assist and when to give them some space to sort things out. Some findings about your personal wellbeing may come to you unanticipated. It may alter your routines and your lifestyle, quite possibly for the long term or in some cases for the short term. It may be connected to some bad habits you have been overlooking for sometime now, and the changes that are coming to you may just be wake up call to get your act together for the sake of your health. Learn to adapt to the new developments and deal with them as best as you can.  

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