Coffee Cup Readings Bird Meaning 1

Today's Coffee Reading

Meaning 1: 


The bird flies in to bring good news to your doorstep. Many happy events are about to happen in your life! Expect all kinds of fortunate twists to happen in various ways. After a spell of not having enough money, you could hear from your boss that you will have a raise, or that your failing business will suddenly become profitable. People at work will also tell you of positive developments related to your career, or someone will point you to a better job to move into.

For your relationships, your romantic interest may suddenly confess to you or inform you of something that can be a good start if you are single. This could also be a good sign for long time couples that there will be happy things coming in in the near future, such as an approval of marriage or possible children being born into their lives. For those who are struggling with health issues or worries about their illness, this could be a sign that there will be news of healing or good developments from the doctor. It could also mean that you will see the positive results of your self improvement regime soon enough.  

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